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Yul Edochie expresses optimism on becoming President of Nigeria



Congratulates Funke Akindele on her political moves

Popular actor, Yul Edochie has expressed optimism on becoming the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria some day.

Yul congratulated Funke for her bold step as a deputy governorship candidate in the recent Lagos gubernatorial election.

Reveals refusal to delete campaign pictures

The actor, who contested in the Anambra state governorship election in 2017, revealed he refused to delete his campaign pictures despite his defeat as it was one of his proudest moments.

Yul said, “To my dear colleague, @funkeienifaakindele I want to congratulate you for the bold political step you took, running for Deputy Governor of Lagos State. You did great.

Encourages Funke and others to embrace their journey

“I noticed you deleted all your campaign pictures from your Instagram page. Of course I can’t sit in my house and know your reason for doing so, neither is it my business. But as a concerned colleague and friend I want to encourage you and through you encourage others out there. A warrior is always proud of his or her battle scars. The scars are proof that he or she went to battle and came back alive.

“No matter what anybody says to you. Don’t be discouraged by those who are laughing at you for not winning. Na childish brain dey worry dem. Cowards will always laugh at the brave ones. That’s the only way they console themselves for being cowards. When they grow up they’ll laugh at themselves for not having the courage to try what you did. There are no failures in life as long as you never give up. It’s either you win or you learn. The person who fails is that person who has not tried at all.

“Out of the millions of Lagosians you were picked to be Deputy Governorship candidate.

“It’s a human and spiritual honor to be given the opportunity to serve the people.

It marks the beginning of your political journey. Never give up.

Recounts his own 2017 campaign

“In 2017 I ran for Governor of my state, from start to finish and it’s one of the best things I’ve done in my life. One of my proudest moments. learnt a lot.

“My campaign pictures are still on my page, my battle scars. I wear those scars proudly. And I’ll never give up.

Promises to become President

“One day I’II be President of Nigeria.

Funke, you will sit in your office someday as Deputy Governor or Governor or President and look at your first campaign pictures and you’ll have tears of joy in your eyes. You will be proud of your journey. Never give up. I wish you the very best. May God lead you always.



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