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‘World Cup hottest fan’ Ivana Knoll issues warning if Croatia wins World Cup after mocking Brazilian star Richarlison



The World Cup’s “hottest fan” has denied reports that she had vowed to strip if her team won the tournament.

Croatian model Ivana Knoll, 30, told the German press that she would strip as a reward for her team if they win the World Cup.


Ivana Knoll has denied that she will strip if Croatia wins the World CupCredit: Splash


She was quoted in German media as saying she would strip down at the celebrationCredit: Instagram


But Ivana denied the claims on her InstagramCredit: instagram/knolldoll

The German-born brunette, who was wearing a Croatian flag at the time, was reported to have said: “If that happens, the flag falls…”

But the model and businesswoman, who has swept the Qatar competition with her daring rojiblancos outfits, has since denied that she would undress for her country.

On her Instagram Story, Ivana wrote in a mix of English, Croatian and German: “Fake news! The lies of the media. I won’t take my shirt off if Croatia wins the championship.”

She continued: “I won’t strip if Croatia wins the World Cup. Thank you!”

It comes as Ivana celebrated reaching two million followers on Instagram, just eight days after reaching the million milestone.

“Thank you so much! I love you all,” she posted on her Instagram story.

Ivana also trolled Brazil’s Richarlison, after Croatia eliminated the five-time World Cup champions in the quarterfinals on penalties.

Mimicking the Spurs striker’s trademark pigeon dance, he accompanied the video with the wild message: “Do your pigeon dance on the way home.”

Ivana was at the stadium to watch her team eliminate Brazil, setting up a delicious semifinal clash with Lionel Messi’s Argentina on Tuesday at 7 p.m.

But their outfits haven’t gone down well with everyone in the World Cup host nation, where both men and women are expected to cover up.

Ivana designs and sells her own bikinis, swimsuits and other revealing clothing, all featuring the distinctive red and white checkerboard pattern of the Croatian flag.

She previously caused a sensation at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, where her outfits were noticed.

Ivana claimed she was not aware of the dress code in Qatar, saying: “First I was thinking that if the World Cup takes place there, surely they will allow everything to be comfortable for all the fans without any of their restrictions.” .

“Then I heard about the rules and I was shocked. In the dress code, it is forbidden to show shoulders, knees, tummy and neck.

“I thought, ‘My God, I don’t even have clothes to cover all of that.'”

It recently went viral when two men dressed in traditional white Arab robes were caught sneakily photographing Ivana as she walked past them at the stadium.

But she told TalkTV host Piers Morgan that she had had no problem with her outfit choice in Qatar, and even had families with children asking to take photos with her.

She appeared to be detained by Qatari security before the Brazil-Croatia match when a man and woman in official World Cup tabards could be seen arguing deeply with her in the stands.

But he was able to see the full game by following the conversation with the stewards.

With Croatia now at least guaranteed a third-place playoff game, Ivana’s World Cup dream will continue.


Ivana has risked the wrath of the Qatari authorities with her revealing outfitsCredit: Splash


She was confronted by Qatar security before the Brazil gameCredit: Rex


But he was able to watch the full game after a chat with the stewardsCredit: PA

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