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Why I campaigned naked for Tinubu — Actor Olaiya Igwe



All Progressives Congress

Days after campaigning nude for All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate Bola Tinubu, Yoruba film star Ebun Oloyede, also known as Olaiya Igwe, has explained the reasons for his actions.

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In an Instagram video, the actor, who once said Mr. Tinubu saved his life after he was diagnosed with nephrolithiasis (kidney stones) without knowing him, invoked the river god amid thunder and lightning.

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His page was initially suspended by Instagram shortly after he posted the video, but the page was later restored with the images still present.

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Continental Television

However, in an interview on the breakfast show ‘Tu Vista’, which aired on Continental Television on Monday, Olaiya, who did not apologize, gave the reasons for his actions.

Tinubu and MC Oluomo

During the interview, Olaiya, who has made headlines for his unusual gratitude to his benefactors Mr. Tinubu and MC Oluomo, said that he was acting on divine instructions.

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Almighty God

According to the actor and theater practitioner, he says he has a gift of revelation from Almighty God and sometimes sees what God plans for him before it happens.

He said: “I was sleeping that day, and the voice came to me and said, please get up. You said that you love Asiwaju, and he has been helping you.

“Stand up. Go and do this, this, and this for him. I’m an artist but a little political. But professionally, I’m an artist. So I said okay, as an artist, I can do it.”

Olaiya, who hails from Ogun State, said he could do anything to support Mr Tinubu’s candidacy as long as he believes it will not negatively affect others.

He compared his actions to those of those who visit traditional doctors, known in Yoruba as Babalawo,

According to the actor, these native doctors sometimes instruct people to follow specific instructions in public places.

Mass Communication

“There is no difference between that and what I did. I did it deliberately, and I have no reason to regret it. When I was in college, they taught us a subject, Mass Communication. They call it individual differences.

Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu

“As long as I’m doing what I’m doing and it can’t affect anyone else, I think I have the freedom. So Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu is a big fish in my life. And I know that this will be the president of this significantly great nation, he said.

Asked if he did it to secure a political appointment or some form of gratuity, the actor said he’s been very open about what Tinubu has been doing for him.

“Whatever the thought, my decision is my decision. I did it deliberately to support Asiwaju. It’s a show. I needed to be naked.

“That was the instruction. I didn’t show my private part. I showed my back. I am a theater person. I did not indicate what people expected to see. People are upset about this particular election. Some people who are speaking are from other parties.

“Asiwaju can be described as a product. I’m a seller. I can sell my product the way I want,” he said.

He further explained that his actions do not have any religious background.

“I am an Alhaji, which means I am a Muslim. Islam does not allow that. But forget about religion this time. I heard a voice. Put religion aside for now,” Olaiya said.

Last Saturday

Last Saturday, the veteran actor broke the internet when he made a nude video of himself campaigning for Mr. Tinubu.

Uploading the video of himself on a beach, the actor offered prayers for Tinubu’s victory.

The video captured the veteran actor from behind, naked. He then turned around and was caught in a headshot while praying to the ocean for Mr. Tinubu’s victory.

Musbau Shodimu Theater Organization

Olaiya has been in the Yoruba film industry since the 1970s after joining the Abeokuta-based Musbau Shodimu Theater Organization.

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