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Why Abiodun’s Re-election Is a Foregone Conclusion



The Purported Alliance

Last week, a media report claimed that the PDP and nine other opposition parties in Ogun State had formed an alliance with the intention of defeating the incumbent governor, Dapo Abiodun, at this weekend’s governorship poll. However, some parties on the list have disavowed the so-called alliance, and even before its unravelling, the alliance had no real chance of victory, making the PDP candidate’s upbeat comment about the party’s chances all bluster.

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The Governor’s Development Record

The truth that the opposition parties find hard to accept is that Governor Abiodun has endeared himself to the people through the extensive development his administration has implemented across the state. Since his inauguration, Governor Abiodun has demonstrated a strong commitment to the social contract and the extensive infrastructure upgrade Ogun State has experienced in the last 46 months. This has endeared him to the people so much that his re-election is a foregone conclusion.

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The Importance of Rural Development

Governor Abiodun’s commitment is evident in the extensive upgrade of rural areas and suburbs across the state. Although these areas are usually ignored by politicians, they are home to a large population, making up a massive voting bloc that politicians can only ignore at their peril. Abiodun’s philosophy of rural development transcends the rehabilitation and construction of roads, incorporating critical growth catalysts like agriculture, electricity, healthcare, education, and security.

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Investment in Agriculture

The attention given to agriculture is an example of the government’s commitment to development. With the sector contributing 29.7% to Nigeria’s economy, agriculture remains one of the strongest sources of economic growth. Governor Abiodun’s comment after he was conferred with the “Agriculture-Friendly Governor” award by President Muhammadu Buhari last year reflects the increasing recognition of agriculture’s potential: “As a government, we prioritize agriculture not just for the assurance of food security but also to generate employment and empower the youth population, enhance trade as well as the entire value chain and ensure overall economic prosperity.”

Infrastructure Development and Improved Living Conditions

The Abiodun administration’s sustained investment in infrastructure and other critical sectors has made the Ogun State economy the eighth-largest by GDP, and the state ranks fourth in IGR performance. Ogun State also has the second-least out-of-school children in Nigeria, and the second-most-employed population in Nigeria, according to the National Bureau of Statistics.


With all these achievements and continued commitment to development, it is clear that Governor Abiodun has endeared himself to the people of Ogun State. The electorate is unlikely to disregard this record of service when it comes to the polls this weekend.



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