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What Earth Would Have Really Looked Like in the Sci-Fi Movie “65”



What Earth Would Have Really Looked Like in the Sci-Fi Movie “65”} The latest dinosaur-themed movie, “65”, imagines an Earth in the late Cretaceous period just before a comet hit that led to mass extinction.

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Viewers may wonder how humans could survive in this time period while being chased by carnivorous dinosaurs.

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However, we have a limited understanding of the Late Cretaceous world, and it would not necessarily be how it appears in movies.

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The fossil and geologic records only tell a portion of what the world was like, and though dinosaurs would be present, they would not be around every corner.

The lush and tropical environment would have been filled with a variety of other creatures, such as turtles, frogs, birds, and small mammals.

The film takes place in an area of the Cretaceous we understand well, western North America, where thunderstorms, rain, and insects were common.

Although dangerous predators existed, like the T.



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