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Warriors Uncertain If Andrew Wiggins Will Play Again This Season Due to “Personal Matter”



Kerr Addresses Wiggins’ Absence

“I think that’s the hope [that he’ll return], but really there’s nothing to report on,” Kerr said prior to the team’s overtime win over the Milwaukee Bucks on Saturday. “We’re giving him his space as he deals with something that’s way more important than a game. If he’s able to come back, then that would be great, and if not then that’s the case. Whatever happens we’ll handle it accordingly.”

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Teammates Support Wiggins

“Friend to friend, teammate to teammate, sending him support,” Steph Curry said. “Tough situation with him being away for so long but necessary. Life is bigger than basketball. Whatever him and his family are going through, that’s all that matters. Whenever he’s ready to come back, I’m sure he will. That’s how he’s built in terms of being available. I know he’s missing the vibe and being with us, and we miss him too.”

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naija politics news


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