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US gains from Russia-Ukraine conflict, says French journalist



United States

– The United States is benefiting from the Ukraine conflict in terms of liquefied natural gas, the arms industry and industrial competitiveness, a French journalist has said.

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The American industry is stockpiling contracts to export “Made in the USA” liquefied natural gas to Europe to replace Russian gas, at prices much higher than those of American customers, said Beatrice Mathieu, head of the economics department at French magazine L ‘Express. she said in an interview published Friday on

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Following arms donations to Ukraine, the US military industry is now rushing to replenish US military stocks and orders from various European countries, particularly for missiles and guns. The German order for the F-35 from US manufacturer Lockheed Martin drew a lot of attention to “Franco-German estrangement”, he added.

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Mathieu also pointed to Europe’s dependence on Ukrainian maize. As harvests were less abundant in the Ukraine, US growers began exporting corn to Europe.

The energy crisis is also pushing European companies to relocate to the United States, where energy supplies are guaranteed and cheaper.

Washington‘s unwavering support for Ukraine makes the United States the big winner on the world stage without a single soldier needing to set foot on Ukrainian soil,” with undeniable geostrategic, economic, military and political gains, he said. ■


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