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Uganda: Parliament Wants Beti Kamya, Kasaija Investigated



 Uganda Parliament Wants Beti Kamya Kasaija Investigated
Uganda: Parliament Wants Beti Kamya, Kasaija Investigated

1 Parliament has recommended the investigation of the former Minister for Land, Housing and Urban Development, Hon. Beti Kamya and the Minister of Finance, H.E. Matia Kasaija for her role in the 10.6 billion Shsh land compensation.

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2 The Chamber chaired by the Speaker of Parliament, Anita Among, on Thursday, August 04, 2022 adopted the report of the Committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State-Owned Enterprises (Cose) that requested the investigation.

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3 Four landowners, including Stephen Nagenda, the late Kosia Rwabukurukuru, Geoffrey Mugisha and Nantalia Namuli, were compensated for their land in different parts of the country.

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4 The committee in its report states that although the Uganda Land Commission (ULC) was supposed to apply for the supplement, the then Hon. Beti Kamya started the plugin without the knowledge of the Commission.

5 The committee found that after it was approved and disbursed, the supplement was fraught with controversy as it emerged that phantom claimants were paid.

6 One of the cases is that of Nantalia Namuli, who was meant to get Shh2.3 billion for her land in Kagadi, but the committee found that she did not own the land and that a law firm, Lubega and Buzibira Co. Advocates, who represented her, benefited from compensation of Shs2.3 billion through Warren Mwesigye.

7 The committee’s report blames Kamya and Kasaija for their role in the publication of the supplement.

8 For her part, Kasaija admitted to the committee that the correct procedure was not followed to secure the supplement and that her staff should not have considered the supplement.

9 The report also implicates Treasury Undersecretary Patrick Ocailap, who admitted to the commission that he authorized the payment without due diligence.

10 For Beti Kamya, the committee asserts that although it claimed there was a directive from the president on the supplement, it did not provide a copy of the directive, but rather provided a letter written to it by the president’s principal private secretary requesting a compensation.

11 for the family of the late Kosiya Rwabukurukuru.

12 “The former Land Minister should be investigated for her involvement in the initiation of the 10.6 billion shilling payment.

13 Hon. Matia Kasaija and Mr. Patrick Ocailap, Permanent Secretary and Secretary of the Treasury, should be investigated for their role in the complementary processes of Shs6 billion”, said Ssenyonyi.

14 AUDIO Ssenyonyi The committee also recommended the prosecution of Barbara Imaryo, the then accounting officer of the Uganda Land Commission, and Siraje Isabirye, the chief accountant in regards to phantom payments in the supplement.

15 Imaryo reportedly fled the country when the investigation into the supplement began.

16 “Uganda Police should work with Interpol to bring Barbara Imaryo back to the country for prosecution.

17 Nantalia Namuli and her accomplices such as Amara Peter should be prosecuted for forgery and Buzibira and Co. Advocates should be prosecuted for assisting in the fraudulent transaction that led to the illegal payment of shs2.039 billion to Nantalia Namuli ”, Ssenyonyi noted in the report.

18 The committee also recommended that the lost money be recovered and that the Uganda Law Council take action against the lawyers.

19 Speaker Anita Among asked about the current IGG investigation that is implicated, but the Minister of Defense, Hon. Jacob Marksons Oboth indicated that the IGG is being investigated as a former minister and not because of the position he currently holds.

20 He directed that this can be investigated by the Auditor General or the appointing authority.

21 “Let me thank the committee for a good job.

22 I was listening and I thought it was a trial.

23 I didn’t know it was a committee report; It was like a trial; the way the evidence was analyzed and evaluated,” Oboth said.

24 AUDIO Oboth Oboth However, the Speaker indicated that since the report was originally from the Auditor General, it cannot be returned to that office, rather Parliament can only request investigations.

25 She said the House should simply decide on the report and wait for a Treasury memorandum on the matter.

26 “We can request investigations and of course only the Police and IGG can carry out the investigations,” the Spokesperson added.

27 The MP for Kalungu West, Hon. Joseph Ssewungu said that IGG can pave the way for his investigation by stepping down from his duties temporarily.

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