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Twitter goes crazy over Greta Thunberg’s humiliation of Andrew Tate



Hello Greta

andres tate makes noise again on social networks. The former professional kickboxer was allowed back on Twitter a few days ago after the platform banned him in 2017, and he wasted no time in attacking. greta thunberg.

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What the American did not expect was for the 19-year-old to hit him with a response that has already received more than a million ‘likes’, and surely hurt his pride.

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Tate was the one who started it all by tweeting directly at Thunberg. The 36-year-old bragged about owning dozens of carbon dioxide-emitting cars and included a photo of him refueling his Bugatti.

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“Hello Greta. I have 33 cars”, Tate tweeted. ‘My Bugatti has a w16 8.0L quad turbo.

“My TWO competition Ferrari 812s have 6.5L v12s. This is just the beginning.

“Please provide your email address so I can send you a complete list of my collection of cars and their respective huge releases.”

Tate’s first attack on the young woman

Tate he was apparently trying to mock a speech given by young Sweden at the United Nations, where she took aim at world leaders for their inaction on climate change.

The controversial character boasted of being one of the most polluted in recent years.

Thunberg to Tate: Get yourself a life

ThunbergThe response from, however, blew up the ‘like’ button on Twitter: “Yes, please enlighten me. Email me at [email protected]

“You have lowered the global temperature leaving Tate absolutely ice cold” and “Imagine being so in need of attention that you find the need to lash out at a young woman on social media because she believes in a better world” were the most popular responses to Thunbergthe answer of


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