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The professional golf couple ready for the Lalong Cup



Lamingo Golf Club

When the multi-million dollar Naira Plateau Governor’s Cup kicks off next Tuesday at Lamingo Golf Club, Jos, the country’s only professional golf couple, David Wesley and Sharon Ineye, will be there to battle it out for top prize.

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Wesley, a 20-year-old golf professional from Nigeria, made it clear that now that his mind is in good shape with that of Sharon, an amateur golfer he met seven years ago, he has decided to look past the failures of the past and aim for instant stardom.

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in Jos. “Since Sharon turned professional after our marriage, we’ve always been playing for each other,” Wesley said.

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“I must confess that it has not been easy, but we both believe that we can do anything with the golf ball if we keep our mind absolutely balanced, our eyes sharp and our bodies well trained.

“At all times, our nerves and confidence must never be fragile.

The pairing isn’t actually a bird of a feather, according to supporters of the sport.

According to some golf aficionados, “While Sharon possesses an understated elegance, Wesley’s eyes always sparkle with the Christmas spirit, always talkative, fun and friendly.

Still, the husband and wife appreciate modesty.

And they both share the same belief.

that what you achieve isn’t as important as what you overcome.

“Above all, both Wesley and Sharon are personable and on point.

They are thorough, aggressive and good golf candidates”.

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