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The Power: A Powerful New Show with Major Ambition



All-Female Writing Team

The Power is a TV show created by Naomi Alderman, Raelle Tucker, and Sarah Quintrell. The writing team is all-female and their efforts have resulted in a powerhouse of a TV show.

Global Show with Major Ambition

This is a global show, exploring the concept of women having a physical power over men. It takes viewers on a journey through different parts of the world, from Nigeria to Saudi Arabia to the eastern bloc dictatorship Carpathia.

The show discusses important social issues such as politics, religion, crime, sex, media, and gender.

Wide Range of Characters

The cast is excellent, featuring talented newcomers like Ana Ularu and Gerrison Machado alongside established actors like Eddie Marsan. Each character has their own storyline that explores the impact of their newfound power.

Hopeful Outlook

The Power is less bleak and harrowing than The Handmaid’s Tale. It explores important issues without losing hope, encouraging viewers to engage in important discussions about what exceptional event telly is.

Weekly Episodes on Prime Video

The first three episodes of The Power will be available on Prime Video on March 31, with new episodes arriving every week. Get ready for a powerful and thought-provoking show that explores gender, power, and identity in a whole new way.



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