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The Many Controversies of Portable, The ‘Zazoo Zeh’ Crooner




Singer Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable, rose to fame with his street-hop single ‘Zazoo Zeh’ in 2021. However, his staying power is not related to his music but to the controversies he has been embroiled in over the years.

Battle with Collaborator, Poco Lee

Barely a week after ‘Zazoo Zeh’ was released, Portable accused collaborator Poco Lee of ripping him off $3,000 that Wizkid sprayed him on stage. He also claimed that Poco Lee hijacked his song. After much back and forth, the trio reconciled, with Poco Lee claiming he shared the money among the team.

Assault Case with DJ Chicken

Portable was summoned by the Ogun State Police Command on assault charges after his former Disc Jockey, DJ Chicken accused the singer of assaulting him. A viral video showed the singer and his men assaulting DJ Chicken whom Portable accused of sending a message to his wife. He turned himself in ten days later and was later released on bail after interrogation.

‘One Million Boys’ Saga

In July 2022, Portable boasted of founding two notorious armed robbery gangs, ‘One Million Boys’ and ‘Ajah Boys’ in Lagos State. Following his claims, the singer was stripped of his Headies Awards nominations and faced preliminary investigation by the Lagos State Police Command.

Feud with Small Doctor

In December 2022, Portable accused colleague Small Doctor of setting him up and never assisting up-and-coming artists. After the intervention of socialite Abel Egbarin, Portable and Small Doctor reconciled.

Resisting Arrest

In March 2023, Portable was seen resisting arrest by police officers who stormed his bar. He claimed an internet fraudster had brought the police to arrest him and his staff members for no reason, and that he worked for president-elect Bola Tinubu. Following his refusal to honour police invitation, the Ogun State Police Command gave Portable 72 hours to turn himself in or be arrested.



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