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“The Intricate “On and Off-Screen” Chemistry Between Andrew Buchan and Leila Farzad Exposed by a Body Language Expert”



There is an “intense” on-screen chemistry between Broadchurch actor Andrew Buchan and his co-star Leila Farzad in the BBC drama Better, according to body language expert Judi James.

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She noted that there was a “fascinating on and off-screen body language dynamic” between the duo.

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The program has depicted the pair as longstanding friends and James commented that, while their characters portrayed a platonic relationship, the nuanced body language rituals demonstrated something much deeper.

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Reports reveal that Buchan informed his wife, Amy Nuttall, that he was leaving her and their marriage before Christmas, shocking the actress and their acquaintances.

Nuttall and Buchan have a daughter, Allegra, who was born in 2014.

It is unknown when the couple parted ways.

Around the same time, Farzad paid a gushing tribute to her co-star and her little girl wrote in her suitcase of her having pride in her mum.

James continued to say that the show involved powerful emotions, strong bonding signals that closely resembled love and sexual attraction which was unrequited on both sides, heightened the best acting from the two leads and kept viewers on the edge of their seats in terms of whether they would end up together or not.

She also said it came across as a brimming relationship that ran the risk of becoming a murder and tension stayed at an all-time high.

Although, Farzad has been married to her husband James since 2013 and has a daughter, it doesn’t appear to have kept Buchan away as he has now moved out with his new co-star.

Whilst it was reported by The News of The World that Buchan had been unfaithful, Nuttall previously stated she would “never dream” of chatting up someone else’s partner.

The chemistry between Buchan and Farzad has captivated viewers, as both characters were “happily married” – making an intense relationship clearly visible on-screen.

Even though there was an undercurrent of sexual tension, they never crossed the line into a physical relationship.

James said that it was the ability to show such a complex and interwoven connection which proved why they were so successful as a pair.



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