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The 10 Basic Functions of The Football Captain



 The 10 Basic Functions of The Football Captain
The 10 Basic Functions of The Football Captain

1 Being a soccer captain in a team is more than being a representative of the team, making the draw with the other team’s captain to choose the field side, signing the minutes before the start of the game, or wearing the bracelet that differentiates you from the others.

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2 The football captain’s figure is significant within a team to ensure that the relationships between the different parties involved are as satisfactory as possible. First of all, his figure appeals to responsibility, and this daily football predictions site helps shed a light on football captains.

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The Football Captain

4 Being a soccer captain is more than just wearing the armband that sets you apart from the rest.


Who Has to Be the Team Captain?

6 Usually, the role of soccer captain is assigned to the leader of the group. It can be the most veteran player, the most sportingly relevant player, or simply a player who, not fulfilling these premises, is a born leader on and off the field.


What Are the Qualities That A Soccer Captain Should Have?

8 Above all, he must be a great communicator because he is the players’ voice in any situation or conflict. His behavior must be exemplary in the club. He must have personality, a voice of command, be a positive, responsible person, and have tactical skills on the field of play when necessary.


The 10 Basic Functions of The Captain

10 The functions of the soccer captain may vary according to the level or category of the group. We want to list some functions that can serve as a draft to determine the same functions, in any team or club, from the beginning of a season.

11 In addition to wearing the armband, the soccer captain can have these certain functions:

  • Intermediary between players and Coaching Staff. Inform the Coaching Staff about an abnormal behavior or attitude of a team player during a match. Open communication with the coach in the event of any locker room problem.
  • Team representative on and off the field. Do not command but require teamwork.
  • Responsible for the team in the absence of the Technical Corps. Communication with the rest of the captains to guide the group.
  • Resolution of conflicts between players and between Players/Coaching Staff. Be a connector of the group into one, avoiding subgroups.
  • Team management tasks when necessary and entrusted to them by the Technical Corps.
  • Request the change of a teammate to the referee when he must be substituted for a particular reason.
  • Be the reflection of the players, show interest in each talk, concentration, and work. Being able to manage failures and successes. “Neither the defeats are so small nor the victories so big.”
  • Choose, together with the captain of the opposing team, the field or ball toss.
  • Exercise your leadership. Trust, convince, and apply the ideas of the coach. Worry about colleagues, encourage mistakes and congratulate on successes.
  • Enforce the referee’s instructions and decisions, help the referee, his protection, and that the game usually develops from beginning to end. Be an example before the referee, formal communication with him, and prevent a teammate from interacting incorrectly with the referee.


How to Choose the Soccer Captain?

13 Each club has a way of choosing the team captains, this being the least important. Ideally, the player chosen as soccer captain is a player who will optimally fulfill his duties and positively influence the group.

14 The football coach and captain at the beginning of the season must define the relationship they will have to establish criteria for monitoring the team, responsibilities, and routines that help assess whether the group’s direction is correct.


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