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  •  Lagos PDP stalwart Gbadamosi declares support for Peter Obi
    Lagos PDP stalwart, Gbadamosi declares support for Peter Obi
     Lagos PDP stalwart Gbadamosi declares support for Peter Obi
    Lagos PDP stalwart, Gbadamosi declares support for Peter Obi
    General news2 weeks ago

    Lagos PDP stalwart, Gbadamosi declares support for Peter Obi

    A stalwart of the  PDP in Lagos State, Mr Babatunde Gbadamosi (BOG)  on Friday, defected to the Labour Party (LP), declaring support for its presidential candidate, Mr Peter Obi. Gbadamosi, a former governorship candidate of the African Democratic Party and a former Lagos East Senatorial Candidate of the PDP, made this known in a statement in Lagos.

    “I had completely lost hope,  especially in the youths of Nigeria,  considering how the senatorial bye-elections panned out,  after the traumatic events of the  #EndSARS.

    “However, the exit of Peter Obi from the PDP and his subsequent emergence as the Presidential candidate of the LP, and his brilliant choice of Mallam Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed as running mate have rekindled my hope.

    “I am 54 years old, and never in my life have I been privileged to witness the kind of energy, vim, vigor, unity and tenacity of purpose being exhibited by youths of all ethnicities and religious backgrounds in Nigeria over a political candidate.


    “I hereby publicly declare my resignation from the PDP and wish all the remaining members well.

    “By the same token, I also hereby publicly declare my support for the Labour Party and its presidential candidate, Mr Peter Obi,” Gbadamosi said.

    He recounted how he joined the PDP in Ikorodu in 2008 and remained  a loyal member of the party, contributing whatever he could to the growth and development of the party in Lagos state and throughout Nigeria, until he took an early retirement from partisan politics in 2017. “I came to recognise that the problems of PDP run quite deep, and their tepid opposition  is in fact by design of some  individuals populating the party leadership from top to bottom,” he said.

    He said that he was motivated that almost all youths, who were not professional politicians or influencers-for-hire, had been popularising Obi’s presidential ambition.

    He said that Obi had over the years, shown himself to be a creative, prudent and frugal administrator as well as a trustworthy custodian of public funds.

    Gbadamosi also described the LP vice presidential candidate, as urbane, prudent, practical and principled politician.

    He said: “These two share a passion for education and knowledge, with Obi’s documented exploits in the education sector as governor of Anambra and Baba-Ahmed’s direct investment in education as Pro-Chancellor of the highly respected Baze University, Abuja.

    “Both share a disdain for graft and believe in exterminating contract padding.

    “I find myself left with no choice, when faced with the alternatives, but to publicly throw in my lot with these two fine gentlemen, especially considering that another good Uncle of mine, Dr Doyin Okupe is one of the navigators of their journey and had invited me very much earlier.

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  •  Obi Ahmed candidacy compatible pair analysts youth
    Obi/Ahmed candidacy, compatible pair- analysts, youth
     Obi Ahmed candidacy compatible pair analysts youth
    Obi/Ahmed candidacy, compatible pair- analysts, youth
    General news1 month ago

    Obi/Ahmed candidacy, compatible pair- analysts, youth

    Some political analysts in Enugu State have expressed optimism over the choice of Dr Yusuf Baba-Ahmed as running mate to presidential candidate of Labour Party (LP), Mr Peter Obi for the 2023 elections.

    In separate interviews with the News Agency of Nigeria , on Friday in Enugu, they said the pair were compatible.

    Mr Ibuchukwu Ezike, State Publicity Secretary of LP said that ticket was the best thing to happen in Nigeria’s political history.

    “Though, I do not know him on a personal ground, but from his political history, I believe he is the man to beat. He is a clean politician, he does not have any questionable record.

    “Just like Obi, he withdrew from the primaries of his former party because of lack of due diligence.

    “So, he is a stickler to the law and due process and that is what Nigeria needs now,” he said.

    Ezike described Baba-Ahmed as a man of character; a man of due process and rule of law.

    “This is the kind of character that will lead Nigeria and take us to the next level.

    “Already the two of them have semblance of ideas, they believe in due process, they believe in the rule of law and the rights of Nigeria people,” he said.

    In the same vein, a publisher and veteran journalist, Mr Aniebo Nwamu said the vice presidential candidate was a principled economist.

    “I used to read his articles while I was an Editor in Leadership Newspaper and I found him to be a very intelligent economist.

    “He is a competent hand and he will complement Obi’s efforts and the two will surely deliver Nigeria,” he said.

    Also speaking, a student of University of Nigeria Enugu campus, Mr Alagboso Aneke said that the age of Ahmed (46), had buttressed the clamour of Nigerian youths to have a say in the governance of the country.

    “They belong to the younger generation. Obi is around 60 while Ahmed is 46, it is a good complement.

    “The two are very strong characters and with them, we the youths, can look up to them for a better tomorrow,” he said.

    Mr Ambrose Eze, a businessman and banker also said that the pairing of Obi and Ahmed may mark the beginning of a new era in Nigeria politics.

    “It is a good combination and I pray that they win the poll, so that there will be a paradigm shift in our leadership,” he said.

    NAN reports that the Labour Party on Friday unveiled Baba-Ahmed as its vice presidential candidate in the 2023 general elections following the withdrawal of Dr Doyin Okupe who had stood in.

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  •  Primaries Remember your children while voting Obi tells Lagos PDP delegates
    Primaries: Remember your children while voting, Obi tells Lagos PDP delegates
     Primaries Remember your children while voting Obi tells Lagos PDP delegates
    Primaries: Remember your children while voting, Obi tells Lagos PDP delegates
    General news3 months ago

    Primaries: Remember your children while voting, Obi tells Lagos PDP delegates

    Ex-Gov. Peter Obi of Anambra and presidential aspirant of PDP has  advised Lagos State   delegates to  the party’s presidential primaries   to remember their children while voting during the party’s primaries.

    Obi, who made the appeal when he met with Lagos PDP national delegates in Ikeja on Wednesday,  told them not to be deceived by “money bags’.

    According to him, if the nation must move forward, there is the need to elevate merit, capacity and competence in leadership which he possessed.

    Obi said: “Your country is going through a big difficulty. What we have seen is the cumulative effects of leadership failure over the years.

    “My dear people, those of you who are delegates, you will not be delegates forever. Remember, whatever you do with your votes, it can be heading to killing the society.

    “I am appealing to you, it is time to sit up. This is the time to bring people with competence and capacity.

    “Those of you who are delegates, please I am begging you, do not listen to me when you vote, don’t hear my voice, do not look at any of us, take the picture of your children and put in before you.”

    He urged the delegates to consider the kind of society they wanted for their children, not any gratification.

    Obi said that he was the most qualified for the job.

    “The fundamental reason for Nigeria’s challenges   is because  Nigeria  is a consuming nation. It is not a producing nation.

    “We are  a ‘sharing’ nation. Wherever you go, all people want to do is about sharing. We have a sharing formula but we don’t have a producing formula.

    “My job in this election is to plead with all of you and all Nigerians, let us move Nigeria from sharing and consumption to creative production.

    “This country must be productive, it is about you and the future of this country and the future of our country,” he added.

    He said that many of the nation’s current challenges were tied to unproductivity, saying people must have jobs and means of livelihoods.

    “The more we put people out of poverty the more you reduce criminality and violence. People must be engaged,” he said.

    According to him, there is no problem in borrowing, but it must be for investment not consumption.

    The Director-General of the Peter Obi Campaign Organisation, Dr Doyin Okupe said that the former Anambra governor had an unrivalled pedigree in education, corporate governance, experience, character and integrity.

    Okupe, who noted that Nigerians were waiting for Obi, said it would be fair, just and equitable to elect him.

    The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the event had in attendance,  Lagos PDP state and local government area  excos among others.


  •  Obi to PDP delegates Vote for your children s future not money
    Obi to PDP delegates: Vote for your children’s future, not money
     Obi to PDP delegates Vote for your children s future not money
    Obi to PDP delegates: Vote for your children’s future, not money
    General news3 months ago

    Obi to PDP delegates: Vote for your children’s future, not money

    A Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential aspirant, Mr Peter Obi, has appealed to the party’s delegates to vote wisely during the upcoming national convention.
    Obi, a former governor of Anambra, urged them to be guided by their conscience and vote in the interest of the country’s future and that of their children.
    He spoke on Monday in Awka, when he met with prospective delegates from Anambra.
    According to him, monetary consideration should not be the major factor in chosing the party’s presidential candidate.
    He said he decided to end his national consultation in Anambra, after going round the 36 chapters of PDP, plus Abuja, to demonstrate his commitment to the cause.
    Obi said that his experience from the tour had strengthened his resolve to seek an opportunity to steer the ship of the country.
    He likened the ship to the “titanic, which was sinking while those on top were making merry”.
    “For the sake of your children and future of Nigeria vote wisely. Don’t hurt the future of your children.
    “Do you want to collect money and bequeath a society of hopelessness, kidnapping, banditry and poverty to future generations?
    “Is that the society you want for your children?
    “Remember, you can’t transfer your delegate status to your children, this is an opportunity for you to decide.
    “I am competent, I am committed and I have the capacity to turn this country around, please give me your votes,” Obi said.
    He said he saw opportunities across the regions of the country during his tour.
    “I concluded that it is unacceptable for the country to possess such huge human, arable land and natural resources and still have over 100 million people living in poverty,” he said.
    He said that while the Kainji Dam that was built with the first money borrowed by Tafawa Balewa in 1964 was still standing, there was no justification for the present borrowings that had plunged Nigeria into heavy indebtedness.
    He said the country with 200 million people could not make progress with 4000 megawatt, while South Africa with 50 million people was generating 54,000 megawatts.
    He said that Kaduna had more land mass than Netherlands and wondered why Netherlands should earn more from export of agro produce than Nigeria.
    Obi said there was no more money to share and that he would shift the conversation from sharing formula to production formula.
    According to him, Kaduna can sustain Nigeria, if optimally explored.
    He said: “Let’s stop wasting our time, let us join hands to fix Nigeria
    “I visited the tomb of Tafawa Balewa because he was the first to borrow in Nigeria to build Kainji Dam which is still standing today.
    “Where are the ones we borrowed recently?”
    Earlier, Dr Doyin Okupe, a former presidential spokesman to former President Olusegun Obasanjo, described Obi as the best aspirant from across the country in the race.
    Okupe, who likened Obi to late MKO Abiola, called on the delegates not to deny Nigerians the opportunity to vote the candidate they yearned for.
    He said that having a president from the South-East should not be seen as handing out a token but a necessity.
    He contended that the zone had one of the most qualified candidates to preside over the country.
    “There is a national frenzy about Peter Obi, the second after Abiola.
    “Every independent opinion poll in the last two weeks has favoured him.
    “He has gone round the world seeking knowledge.
    “He is the best from the east and better than others across the country.
    “Anambra is still reaping benefits of Obi’s reign in the state. “I will stop supporting him, if I see a candidate with better academic qualifications than your son,” Okupe said.


  •  2023 I ve capacity to fix Nigeria s challenges Peter Obi
    2023: I’ve capacity to fix Nigeria’s challenges- Peter Obi 
     2023 I ve capacity to fix Nigeria s challenges Peter Obi
    2023: I’ve capacity to fix Nigeria’s challenges- Peter Obi 
    General news4 months ago

    2023: I’ve capacity to fix Nigeria’s challenges- Peter Obi 

    Former Gov. Peter Obi, a presidential aspirant on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) says he has the capacity to fix the political and socioeconomic challenges of Nigeria.

    Obi made the declaration at a meeting with the PDP stakeholders in Oyo State, on Tuesday at the party Secretariat in Ibadan.

    The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Obi, accompanied by his Special Adviser, Tony Obinujwu and a former Presidential Aide, Dr Doyin Okupe, was received by the party leaders led by the State Chairman, Dayo Ogungbenro.

    Obi said Nigerians needed to make informed decision that would produce a president with capacity to fix the socioeconomic and political challenges bedevilling the country.

    He said that as the Governor of Anambra for eight years, he built stronger institutions in the state, promising to replicate such as president of the country when elected.

    Obi, who also was the Vice Presidential candidate with Atiku Abubakar on the platform of PDP in 2019, said that he leveraged on his experience as a captain with focus, integrity, tested resource management skills and contentment to achieve the feat.

    He said that U.S was one of the countries in the world with stronger institutions, addingAmericans rose and stood their ground when a former president of the country got it wrong.

    Obi said that a society would work, only if people pursue the cause with strong determination.

    He said there was no consensus in the North, adding that there were no fewer than 12 presidential aspirants on the platform of the PDP.

    “On the issue of consensus, let me be honest with you, in the North, there is no consensus. The aspirants from the North are 12.

    “In America, 30 people contested the election. In the South, how many of us? We are barely about eight.

    “So, what is good is listen to the eight of us, check the backgrounds of the eight of us, and decide who you are going to support,” he said.

    Obi said that his visit to Ibadan was to introduce himself and tell the stakeholders his background for people to make informed decision.

    “All I have come here to do is to introduce myself. Oyo State, I have introduced myself, told you my background. If anybody gives you money, take it. It doesn’t matter.

    “It might be our money and it may not be. Everybody needs money now. If you want to buy bread, a life is now N500 and you must get two.

    “Everybody is expectant now. But I beg you, make an informed decision, such that you will be able to say these my children can live in a better society,” he said.

    Obi recalled how he used to carry his bag himself as the Chairman of a commercial bank and as Governor.

    He added that when he left the corridors of power, it was not difficult for him to carry his bag because he had a realisation that power was transient.(NAN)


  •  2023 Presidency Group endorses Okupe
    2023 Presidency: Group endorses Okupe
     2023 Presidency Group endorses Okupe
    2023 Presidency: Group endorses Okupe
    General news1 year ago

    2023 Presidency: Group endorses Okupe

    By Gami Tadanyigbe

    Noble Youths Mass Support Association (NYMSA), a social political group, has endorsed Dr Doyin Okupe, a physician and Special Assistant to two former Nigerian Presidents, as a presidential candidate for 2023 general elections.

    The group National Coordinator, Mr Godwin Onmonya, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Sunday that the group had hope in the former National Publicity Secretary of National Republican Convention.

    According to Omonya, the group endorsed the former Special Assistant on Media and Publicity to President Olusegun Obasanjo as its own preference candidate because he is a reliable and credible choice for the 2023 Presidential race.

    He described the former Senior Special Assistant on Public Affairs to President Goodluck Jonathan, as God-sent and capable of turning around the country’s economy, employment the youth, Agricultural innovation and protection of lives and property.

    “Okupe will create enabling environment for businesses to thrive, restore respect for the rule of law and job opportunities for the development of the country.

    “Okupe is a Nigerian physician and politician who co-founded Royal Cross Medical Centre.

    “He is a thoroughbred grassroots politician, who understands Nigeria and Nigerians’ challenges and can provide acceptable solution to them all,” he said

    During the Second Republic, Okupe was a House of Representatives candidate of the National Party of Nigeria (NPN) for the 1983 parliamentary election.

    In 2002, he also declared interest to be governorship aspirants of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) primaries in Ogun State, where he squared up as major contender with eventual winner, Otunba Gbenga Daniel.

    “Our decision to stand by Okupe is neither unguided nor borne out of sentiments, rather it is as a result of extensive analysis and assessment,’’ he said.

    The national coordinator said that the group would deliver more than five million votes for him in 2023 general elections.

    He, however, urged the members across the country to ensure they collect their Permanent Voter’s Cards (PVCs) in preparation to the general elections.

    “It is on behalf of the group that I hereby endorse Okupe candidacy and promise to deliver more than five million votes in the country for him and we must all get our PVCs ready.

    “The task ahead of us is huge but with dedication, hard work and the support of our members in all the states of the federation, we will surely come out victorious,” Omonya said.(NAN)


  •  Credible election in Edo will rekindle Nigerians hope Secondus
    Credible election in Edo will rekindle Nigerians’ hope- Secondus
     Credible election in Edo will rekindle Nigerians hope Secondus
    Credible election in Edo will rekindle Nigerians’ hope- Secondus
    Politics2 years ago

    Credible election in Edo will rekindle Nigerians’ hope- Secondus

    The leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) says conducting free and credible elections in Edo and Ondo state, will  rekindle the citizens’ hope in the country.


    PDP National Chairman Uche Secondus said this on Thursday when the party National Working Committee (NWC) received the two reconciled factions of the PDP in Ogun led by the newly elected state chairman, Alhaji Sikirulai Ogundele at the PDP headquarters in Abuja.

    He urged President Muhammadu Buhari and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to conduct free and fair elections in Edo and Ondo State.

    Secondus said that the party did not want a repeat of what happened in other states to in Edo, saying credible elections would ease the trauma Nigerians were going through.

    He expressed satisfaction that both sides  of the party in Ogun PDP came together and were able to conduct credible and transparent congress that produced the newly elected state executives for PDP in Ogun.

    “Ogun is going to take this example to other states to show that when leaders come together, they can always resolve their differences.

    “You do not need any interference. It is not our style or wish to intervene in other states because they have leaders.

    “Leaders who are more experienced, leaders who have been in places and leaders who have shown capacity both at the national and state levels.

    “So, you do not need the NWC. Allow the NWC to concentrate in the affairs of putting the party together to move forward and how we can win our elections,” he said.

    Secondus congratulated the new executive members, urging them to continue in the peaceful  manner to produce the next governor, senators, House of Representatives members and state of Assembly members in the state.

    Speaking earlier, Ogundele said they were at the party national secretariat to appreciate Secondus and other NWC members for the support extended to them to end the lingering crisis that had caused the state branch of the party misfortunes.

    Ogundele, who said there was no more problem in PDP in Ogun, said the problem of the state in the state was that they had not been united.

    “I have brought greetings from Rep. Ladi Adebutu who is unavoidably absent today.

    “We are here to familiarise ourselves with the NWC and we pray God to give the chairman more wisdom, knowledge and understanding that will lead us to success,” he said.

    Former chairman of the party, Mr Bayo Dayo, said that the party now had Sen. Buruji Kashamu’s  supporters within the party fold.

    Dayo expressed optimism that with the unity within the state chapter, the PDP would win the next elections in the state.

    In his remark, Dr Doyin Okupe, said that their joy knew no bound because two major warring factions in Ogun had reconciled into one group.

    Okupe said that the new executive members were legally elected through state congress, supervised by the national secretariat

    “We have organised that congress and two groups unanimously came together and we have elected this new exciting. We have come a long way.

    “We have come also to show gratitude because whatever we have achieved today, money alone could not have done it.

    “If the national secretariat had not been forthright and defined justice, we will not be here.

    “Finally, do not at anytime doubt our loyalty. We will be loyal to your administration, we will be loyal to your executive committee and we will do your bidding, ” he  said.

    ayode Olaitan

    Edited By: Kevin Okunzuwa (NAN)