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Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN)

  •  Umahi appoints state CAN chairman to head EBSU DUUMSTH
    Umahi appoints state CAN chairman to head EBSU, DUUMSTH
     Umahi appoints state CAN chairman to head EBSU DUUMSTH
    Umahi appoints state CAN chairman to head EBSU, DUUMSTH
    General news3 days ago

    Umahi appoints state CAN chairman to head EBSU, DUUMSTH

    Gov. David Umahi of Ebonyi has appointed the state Chairman, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Rev. Fr. Abraham Nwali, to head two state-owned institutions.

    The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the institutions include the Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki and Board of the David Umahi University of Medical Sciences Teaching Hospital, Uburu.

    In a speech at the inauguration on Thursday in Abakaliki, Umahi said that people would be surprised over Nwali’s dual appointment.

    He described Nwali, who has been his Special Adviser on Religious and Welfare Matters since 2015, as an astute administrator.

    According to him, the clergyman has always delivered on tasks assigned him.

    “I gave the vice chancellor of the state university the task of recommending someone to become the chairman of the governing council.

    “He returned to tell me that Nwali was best suited for the job and when I called him (Nwali) over it, he accepted,” Umahi said.

    He expressed optimism that Nwali would offer selfless service in making both institutions achieve their mandates and enhance overall efficiency.

    “Nwali is not going to look for money to keep for his children or build houses.

    “We offered him land and vehicles as an executive council member but he declined.

    “Such is the type of man every society desires,” the governor said.

    He also hoped that the management teams of both institutions would promote competence in the running of the institutions and check clannish tendencies.

    “One cannot forgo people from his area in such situations but if an outsider can help us achieve our goal, we would support him.

    “We would afterwards take accruing dividends to our people,” Umahi said.

    He charged the appointees to maintain high standards in their various institutions.

    He specifically admonished the university management to clamp down on cultism among students and lecturers.

    Responding on behalf of others, Nwali thanked the governor for finding them suitable for the appointments.

    He pledged that they would justify the confidence reposed in them.

    “We would promote research in the institutions because the absence of research presents recycling of knowledge.

    “We would also ensure that grants and subventions are not recycled into salaries and unproductivity but to enhance resourcefulness,” the cleric said.

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  •  Methodist Convention Prelate CAN Ortom Mark others sue for peace among Nigerians
    Methodist Convention: Prelate, CAN , Ortom, Mark , others sue for peace among Nigerians
     Methodist Convention Prelate CAN Ortom Mark others sue for peace among Nigerians
    Methodist Convention: Prelate, CAN , Ortom, Mark , others sue for peace among Nigerians
    General news4 days ago

    Methodist Convention: Prelate, CAN , Ortom, Mark , others sue for peace among Nigerians

    The Prelate Methodist Church Nigeria, His Eminence Samuel Kanu-Uche, has urged Nigerians irrespective of their ethnic, and religious affiliations to work together in peace and unity for the progress of the country.

    The Prelate gave the advice at the church’s 48th and 13th biennial conference, with theme “Prepare for the second coming of Jesus Christ’’ being hosted by the arch diocese of Benue in Abuja.

    He said the challenges facing the country could even be better solved if Nigerians, Muslims and Christians, pray and work together, adding that people of all faiths need to work for the sake of humanity.

    “We need to work together for unity and peace of the country.

    “We are to understand one another with love and respect, as our various religions teaches love and peace.

    “We have serious security issues confronting us, we cannot be trading blames; we have a lot to do to curb this.

    “What Nigeria is experiencing are signs of what has been recorded in the Bible for the second coming, we should be vigilant and ready, pray and be alert,’’ the prelate said.

    He urged government to ensure fairness equity, justice and rule of law in the nation “ Let there be peace, unity tolerance and let there not be dominance by any tribe or religion, because if there is, there will be resistance and there will be reactions, resulting to problems,’’ Kanu-Uche said.

    For the forthcoming elections, the Prelate advised Nigerians to vote for integrity and not party, stressing “doing this will protect our future and that of the children and those yet unborn.

    ’’ He said that the conference was his last as his successor would be elected before his exit in November and thanked God for sustenance all through his tenure.  

    Deputy Gov of Benue, Benson Abounu,the Methodist Prelate,Kanu-Uche and his wife.  

    In his address at the occasion, Gov. Samuel Ortom of Benue, prayed for unity and peace in Nigeria.

    The governor, who was represented by his Deputy, Mr Benson Abounu, declared the conference open and urged the clergy and laity to pray for a return of peace in the country.

    He said that there was need for leaders to be sensitive to things that worry the masses.

    ”Show sensitivity as far as our ethnic and tribal leanings are concerned, sensitivity as far as our religions and interest are concerned.

    “Also, as far as our social engagements are concerned and our social cultural issues and interest are to be taken into consideration.

    “No religion should have dominion over another; no ethnic group should have dominion over others.

    ” No social class should have dominion over the other as Nigeria belongs to everyone.

    “Any choice anyone is making, he or she should put into consideration the aforementioned,’’ Kanu-Uche said.

    He advised the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) to fashion out a new leadership structure where all Christians could come together as one in order for Christians to have one voice.

    Also, the President of CAN, Rev Daniel Okoh, represented by Apostle Abiodun Sanyaolu, Assistant Secretary General of the Christian Council of Nigeria, commended the prelate for his support to the church and association.

    He advised the church to be prayerful and steadfast as the siege was on, adding that the church needs to march forth.

    The CAN president said that only prayers and commitment were the solution to challenges being faced in the country.

    In his address, the former Senate President, David Mark, advised Nigerians and the church to continue to pray for peace in the country.

    “These conference will preach peace to Nigeria and ensure there is peace, I am sure all religion preaches peace and none preaches violence.

    ”As Christians and Moslems, we are the two major faiths and we need to do what pleases God and would develop our nation,’’ he said.

    Most Rev Joseph Job, the Methodist Archbishop of Abuja Diocese, urged Christians to prepare their minds on issues bordering the nation, through prayers He advised that as the general elections draws near, it was the duty of all Nigerians to first create an enabling environment to enable the elections, which would be achieved through prayers.

    Also the Archbishop, Archdiocese of Benue, Most Rev. Oliver Aba, said the conference was aimed at discussing the growth of the church and the nation.

    “ We pray for Nigeria, the church we must work as a team to achieve these, as our generations yet unborn will ask what we did to salvage the country from collapsing.

    The News Agency of Nigeria reports that Archbishops of Methodist Churches in some West African countries including Ghana, Togo and Mali were in attendance at the conference to felicitate with the church and
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  •  2023 NSCIA CAN sign pact to de escalate religious tension
    2023: NSCIA, CAN sign pact to de-escalate religious tension
     2023 NSCIA CAN sign pact to de escalate religious tension
    2023: NSCIA, CAN sign pact to de-escalate religious tension
    General news5 days ago

    2023: NSCIA, CAN sign pact to de-escalate religious tension

    The Nigeria Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) and Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) have signed a pact to de-escalate religious tension in the country ahead of the 2023 general elections.

    The accord was signed during the International Religious Freedom Summit organised by the Global Peace Foundation and 70 international human rights and religious freedom groups in Washington D.

    C. This is contained in a statement signed by the immediate past President of CAN, Rev. Samson Ayokunle, issued on Wednesday in Abuja.

    According to him, the Sultan of Sokoto, Dr Saad Abubakar, who doubles as the President-General of NSCIA, was represented by Prof. Yusuf Usman, former Executive Secretary, National Health Insurance Scheme.

    The apex Christian body was represented by Ayokunle.

    Ayokunle said the two organisations agreed to encourage Muslims and Christians in the country to shun violence, embrace dialogue and remain committed to building resilient communities that are free from fear.

    He added that the two religious bodies also promised to embrace a vision of common humanity and speak publicly on hope for Nigeria’s peaceful and bright future.

    Ayokunle said that the pact was part of the determination of religious leaders to work together and lead Nigerians out of all current crises in the country.

    According to him, much of the crisis in Nigeria have religious context, as such it is important to mobilise Muslims and Christians to ensure peaceful coexistence.

    He commended the Sultan for his consistent advocacy for peaceful coexistence in the country.

    According to him, the pact will help to build a stronger Nigeria that is able to tackle its challenges, including lack of security, accountability and corruption.

    “The Declaration we signed lays out a number of principles that we believe all Nigerians can readily affirm.

    “It states that all people are endowed by the Creator with inherent value and fundamental rights.

    “Regardless of nationality, ethnicity, culture, region or the many other differences that often divide us, and that the essential freedom and dignity of every person must be respected and protected.

    “The Declaration also calls for collaboration amongst the various traditions and faith communities in Nigeria, in order to advance the wellbeing of all and resolve conflicts peacefully.

    ” He said that both NSCIA and CAN vocally rejected and condemned the use of violence and coercion to spread political or religious views and identities or demean ethnic, regional, or tribal affiliation.

    Ayokunle added that the pact demanded for peaceful, free and fair elections in 2023. He added that both religious bodies agreed to push for more judicial integrity and fairness and engage leaders to tackle insecurity, reprisal attacks, kidnapping, sexual violence and organised crime.

    Other areas of concern, according to him, include food security, education, sustainable livestock production, hostile business environment and unemployment.

    “Certainly, individuals will have different opinions as to the causes of and solutions to all of these problems.

    “But far more importantly, we must share a fundamental commitment to the unity of Nigeria and to work collaboratively toward solutions through peaceful and respectful means,” he added.

    Ayokunle said that religious leaders have a duty to shepherd their communities in a way that promotes peace.

    “We call upon all religious and political leaders and all people of faith to develop and promote solutions that are grounded in the shared values of our common humanity,” he added.

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  •  Muslim Muslim ticket Pope endorses my appointment as DG Lalong
    Muslim-Muslim ticket: Pope “endorses’’ my appointment as DG – Lalong
     Muslim Muslim ticket Pope endorses my appointment as DG Lalong
    Muslim-Muslim ticket: Pope “endorses’’ my appointment as DG – Lalong
    General news5 days ago

    Muslim-Muslim ticket: Pope “endorses’’ my appointment as DG – Lalong

    Director-General of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential Campaign Organization, Simon Lalong, says he will not resign as the party DG campaign organization.

    Lalong said that even Pope is not opposed to his appointment Lalong, who is also the Governor of Plateau, an ardent Catholic, said the Pope had not told him that accepting to lead the Muslim-Muslim APC presidential ticket was against the tenets of Christianity.

    The News Agency of Nigeria reports that some groups had staged rallies in Abuja, calling on Lalong to reject the offer to serve as the DG of APC presidential campaign organization.

    However, the governor said he would not reject his new appointment just to satisfy the wishes of certain individuals or groups.

    ”The Pope is not angry with my decision to be the DG of the Muslim-Muslim presidential campaign.

    “I came back home and Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) welcomed me at the airport.

    ”The next day I addressed stakeholders of Plateau and I told them why I’m accepting and then there was jubilation, all of them accepted.

    “So, if you see people talking about me rejecting, I have accepted already – is not an issue.

    Some of them have already keyed into it – I’m a Christian.

    If you watch my TVC interview I saw, I was born a Catholic, baptized a catholic, confirmed a catholic.

    “Today, I went through missionary schools.

    I was taught by missions I respect my being a Christian.

    “I have been given the highest award by the Pope, I still hold that award – the highest Papal Award, I want people to know, Knight of Saint Gregory the Great, I have it and one day if you want I will wear my uniform and come here.

    So those who are talking it I don’t even know where they are.

    “I hold a Papal night and as a catholic everything we do, we do it and send the advice to the Pope. “The Pope has not told me that what I’m doing (to accept Director General) is bad – As a catholic, we take that direction.

    “But, generally as a governor of a State, I’m not responsible to only my faith.

    I’m responsible to other people who belong to other faiths, who are not even Muslims or Christians’’ He urged Nigerians to grow up from ethnic or religious sentiments.

    Lalong said that he had already accepted the job and there was nothing anybody could do to dissuade him from performing his responsibilities.

    Lalong said he was in the Presidential Villa to thank President Muhammadu Buhari for approving the University of Jos as a national cancer centre as well as granting presidential pardon to the former Governor of the state, Joshua Dariye.

    According to him, the people of the State will remain grateful to the president for delivering a lot of democratic dividends to the State.

    “My visit to the President is to come and show him appreciation because of what he has done for Plateau State in the last few months.

    ”Just a week or two ago, we just got approval to make the University of Jos a Cancer Centre.

    “I saw over N3 billion approved for the institution as a special centre for cancer.

    So, it’s not a small achievement.

    “Recently, the President approved the establishment of an orthopaedic hospital in Jos, Plateau; the only one in North-Central.

    “He also approved the establishment of a Federal Medical Centre in Wase. Another one is the Federal Polytechnic Shendam, which is almost starting this year in October to be precise.

    “The president has also approved the conversion of the Federal College of Education, Pankshin, to a Federal University of Education and immediately approved the establishment of another Federal college of Education in the State.

    “We were just celebrating that one then we also heard of the establishment of a Zonal campus of the Nigerian Law School for North-Central in Jos. “We cannot have all these achievements and not come and show appreciation to the President,” he said.

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  •  Allow Nigerians to make their choice in 2023 Group tells CAN
    Allow Nigerians to make their choice in 2023, Group tells CAN
     Allow Nigerians to make their choice in 2023 Group tells CAN
    Allow Nigerians to make their choice in 2023, Group tells CAN
    General news6 days ago

    Allow Nigerians to make their choice in 2023, Group tells CAN

    A group, Yoruba Muslim Youths Organisation (YMYO) has urged the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) to allow Nigerians to make their choice in 2023, without persecution.

    This is contained in a statement by Coordinator, YMYO, Alhaji Muritala Abdulsalam in Ibadan on Tuesday.

    Abdulsalam was reacting to attacks by CAN against the All Progressives Congress (APC) Muslim-Muslim ticket for the 2023 poll.

    He said rather than issue a blanket condemnation on the APC ticket, CAN should compare the qualities of the candidates with those of other political parties.

    Abdulsalam urged CAN to allow Nigerians to vote for candidates based on merit and not religious sentiment.

    “What Nigerians are yearning for is good governance and unity.

    Does the constitution recognises that an adherent of a particular sect be the president and running mate?

    “CAN should focus on good governance and accountability, rather than on the APC Muslim-Muslim ticket.

    “CAN as a body of eminent Christian leaders, should not abdicate its primary responsibility by delving into politics.

    “CAN is not a registered political party in Nigeria, why are the leaders getting more and more involved in politics,” he said.

    Abdulsalam added: “What have the so-called Christian leaders in many of the states who had held sway as governors and even in the presidency done to the body of Christ over the years?

    “What have they done differently from other rulers who have so far administered this nation.

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  •  Gov Okowa urges Christians to pray for unity nation s recovery
    Gov. Okowa urges Christians to pray for unity, nation’s recovery
     Gov Okowa urges Christians to pray for unity nation s recovery
    Gov. Okowa urges Christians to pray for unity, nation’s recovery
    General news1 week ago

    Gov. Okowa urges Christians to pray for unity, nation’s recovery

    Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta and Vice-Presidential Candidate of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has urged Christians to pray for unity and recovery of the country.

    Okowa made the call when he received leaders of South-South Zone of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) led by Archbishop Israel Ege in Asaba on FridayHe advised Christians not to allow political intrigues to pollute the Church and divide it.

    He said that the time had come for Christians to go on their kneels and seek divine direction in the choice of the nation’s leaders that would emerge in 2023 rather than succumb to distraction by politicians.

    ”It is my prayer that the Church will continue to lead us in prayers and we need to be a little cautious as a Church.

    “I am saying this because from the conversations I am beginning to hear, I want to be sure that the Church will not because of politics divide itself.

    “The Church in itself must be very prayerful that the will of God be done in 2023. We may have our individual preferences but we must be cautious about the unity of the Church.

    “Although, we are traumatised as Christians but we must be careful not to, because of that trauma, take decisions that may not actually be the will of God,” he said.

    The governor attributed the successes of his administration to grace of God and pledged to continue to synergise with the Church in piloting the affairs of the state and in his future endeavours.

    He called for constitutional review to pave the way for devolution of powers, especially giving more authority to states to establish their own police outfit as a way to tackle insecurity, noting that the nation was in perilous times.

    The governor stressed that it was time for the re-building of the nation by giving all segment of the society a sense of belonging in the scheme of things.

    He frowned at the continuous stay of tertiary institutions’ students at home due to strike by teachers and other workers.

    He said that drastic steps should be taken to pull the nation out of economic quagmire, worsening insecurity and other heinous crimes taking place in all geopolitical zones.

    “There is no doubt that we are very challenged as a nation and it appears that all hope is lost, particularly to the younger ones.

    But I am one person that believes that all hope is not lost.

    “Whatever thing that we have seen in the last seven years, I believe that God has allowed it for a purpose.

    I believe that there are lessons to be learnt.

    “As at today, there is so much insecurity;  Most Nigerians don’t even know how huge these challenges are.

    “With the things going on now in the education sector, it’s not what anyone will wish for.

    We need to be very prayerful.

    “The Church must stay very prayerful and it’s a time for us as a nation to unite and find peace,” he said.

    Okowa further said there was need to expand constitution of the security agencies.

    “My principal, the Presidential Candidate of the PDP, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, has always said that it’s not possible to police this nation with the Federal Government police only.

    “It is not because of the situation of today but because of the peculiarities of this nation.

    We need to devolve power and resources to the states to ensure that they can run their own police force,” he said.

    Earlier, the Archbishop said that they were in Asaba to thank the governor for his support for Christians in the state and the South South and assured him of their support at all times.

    Ege congratulated Okowa on his emergence as PDP’s vice presidential candidate and for his transformation agenda in Delta.

    He urged the governor to remain a good ambassador of the church in his political career.

    The cleric said that Satan was at war with the Church, using Boko Haram to kidnap and kill Christians as well as persecute believers.

    He called on Christians to redouble prayers for the nation.

    Highpoint of the event was the special prayer for Okowa, his family, state and the nation.

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  •  Nigeria s challenges are beyond religion Oshiomhole
    Nigeria’s challenges are beyond religion: Oshiomhole
     Nigeria s challenges are beyond religion Oshiomhole
    Nigeria’s challenges are beyond religion: Oshiomhole
    General news2 weeks ago

    Nigeria’s challenges are beyond religion: Oshiomhole

    Mr Adams Oshiomhole, the former national chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has faulted criticism against the party’s Muslim-Muslim ticket, saying that Nigeria’s challenges are beyond religion.

    Oshiomhole said this when he spoke with newsmen in Abuja on Thursday, adding that rather than talk about religion, Nigerians should discuss what each presidential candidate has for the country.

    He also said that the criticism against the party’s ticket by the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) was a blackmail.

    “Those who are speaking and leading the campaign in the APC family, if they were such believers in Christianity they had the opportunity to vote and canvass for votes for one of the Christian candidates and there were quite a few.

    “But they were on record as having led the campaign on the side of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, knowing very well that he is a Muslim.

    I think the Nigerian challenges are beyond religion.

    “I think the issues before us which we have to spend time discussing is what will any of the presidential candidates do differently to expect a different outcome,  not what will a Christian or Muslim do,’’ Oshiomhole said.

    The former two-term governor of Edo said that even with a Christian-Muslim president ticket, Nigerians were still not satisfied.

    He also faulted claims by some Christians that they were being persecuted, saying there was no evidence on that.

    “I don’t think they bothered to show the evidence and yet we have not just a Christian Vice-President, we have a pastor, a senior advocate.

    “So if religion is the issue, I guess Nigeria will be Eldorado,’’ Oshiomhole said adding that CAN could not had been speaking for Northern Christians.

    Speaking on the country`s security and economic challenges, he said that President Muhammadu Buhari inherited a nearly collapsed economy , while the 2015 general elections was postponed because of security challenges in parts of the country then.

    Oshiomhole said that some progress have been made in many areas, while new problems have also came up.

    “In looking at the security situation for example, we observed that the size of the Nigerian Army after the Civil War was about 250,000. “Today, it’s about the same size, then the population of Nigeria was about 50 million, today we are about 200 million,’’ he said.

    Oshiomhole said there was need to review the security architecture and double the size of the country`s armed forces.

    This, he said, was not just because the population had quadrupled, but because of current challenges around the world and around Nigeria’s neighbors and within the country
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  •  Group wants Jos market reconstruction suspended
    Group wants Jos market reconstruction suspended
     Group wants Jos market reconstruction suspended
    Group wants Jos market reconstruction suspended
    General news2 weeks ago

    Group wants Jos market reconstruction suspended

    A coalition of Plateau indigenous groups and other related organisations have called for the suspension of proposed work at the Jos main market (Terminus) for what they describe as ambiguity in contract agreement.

    According to them the agreement is between the state government and the financier of the reconstruction — Jaiz Bank Plc. The group made the call in a meeting convened by the Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Plateau, Rev. Fr. Polycarp Lubo on Monday at Government House, Jos. The CAN chairman conveyed the stakeholders position at a news conference at the end of a meeting between the groups and state executives of the Plateau Government.

    The News Agency of Nigeria recalls that the Plateau Executive Council approved the reconstruction of the market gutted by fire in 2002  through a public private partnership with Jaiz Bank Plc. The reconstruction is estimated to cost N9.4 billion for three phases of the market.

    The CAN official said that he convened the meeting following tension in the state on information  that the state had mortgaged the lives and property of its youths for 40 years through its agreement.

    He said the groups were aggrieved of not being consulted as critical stakeholders before the agreement on the market reconstruction.

    He advised that the reconstruction should be put on hold until proper consultation would be done.

    “We came to a conclusion that they (government) will go and redress this situation and look into our concerns until our fears are being addressed.

    Speaking on behalf of government, Mr Chrysanthus Ahmadu, the Attorney General for the state, expressed concern that Plateau people had been misinformed on the reconstruction contract.

    He explained that the “40 years period the a sub-lease for the buyers to help them to recoup from buying the shops.

    “The agreement is that the allotees will be granted a 40 years sub-lease by the Jos Main Market Authority at the end of 40 years the property reverts back to the market authority.

    “ So if you are buying a shop know that you are buying for 40 years, it is not Jaiz Bank Plc. which is to be given 40 years,” he said.

    He said the state government was still discussing with the bank as no conclusion had been reached but an understanding was reached on how the project would be executed.

    “Jaiz Bank Plc. is just a financier, it is putting money for the contractor to do the job and at the end of it, they will sell 60 per cent while government will sell 40 per cent”, he said.

    He assured the Plateau people of fairness and equity in the sale of the shops, saying even the 60 per cent to be sold by the bank would be supervised by government for fairness.

    He added that government had listened to their concerns and would go back for further consultations to best serve the interest of the people.

    NewsSourceCredit: NAN

  •  Buhari pledges better life for Nigerian judges
    Buhari pledges ”better life” for Nigerian judges.
     Buhari pledges better life for Nigerian judges
    Buhari pledges ”better life” for Nigerian judges.
    General news2 weeks ago

    Buhari pledges ”better life” for Nigerian judges.

    President Muhammadu Buhari in the course of the week, expressed reservations over  the degenerated welfare and working conditions of the nation’s judiciary, saying it was serious and would be addressed.

    He said this would be done despite the dire state of the country’s economy “currently battling insecurity, corruption and economic challenges,” aggravated by the COVID-19 and the war in  Ukraine.

    Buhari stated this when he hosted the chairman and representatives of the Body of Benchers, a body of legal practitioners of “the highest distinction in the legal profession” in the State House, Abuja, on Thursday.

    According to the president, a democratic government like the one he leads, “standing on a tripod comprising the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary, cannot stand where one of its three pillars, the Judiciary is not properly nurtured, maintained and sustained to deliver on its very pivotal constitutional duties.

    ” The president had earlier on July 25 hosted outgoing President of Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Commission, Jean-Claude Kassi Brou, at the Presidential Villa Abuja.

    He lauded him for the role he played in ensuring that the sub-regional body remained united.

    Buhari said: “You showed great commitment to the unity of ECOWAS, and of the sub-region.

    ”Your tenure has been very successful, and I wish you and the family more successes ahead.

    ” The president departed Abuja on Tuesday for Monrovia, Liberia, to attend the 175th independence anniversary of the country.

    Buhari, who was the Special Guest of Honour at the event, joined other world leaders and organisations to rejoice with the people of Liberia at the event with the theme: “Fostering Unity, Protecting Our Peace for Development and Prosperity.

    ” Nigeria played a leading role in the stabilisation of the West African nation in the early 90s, leading to the establishment of democratic rule and has continued to assist the country in many ways, especially through the Technical Aids Corps scheme.

    At the event in Monrovia, Buhari called on leaders in West Africa to do all within their powers to ensure that elections were conducted in their countries in an atmosphere of trust, freedom and transparency.

    According to the president, this is the only way the sub-region can be insulated from the scourge of unconstitutional take overs that reared its head in three countries recently.

    The president affirmed that democracy and good governance must take their roots on the African continent to sustain peace, stability and development while leaders must redouble their efforts to guarantee the irreversibility of democracy.

    On July 27,  President Buhari presided over virtual meeting of the Federal Executive Council (FEC) at the Council Chambers of the Presidential Villa, Abuja, on Wednesday.

    The Council approved an augmentation of N16 billion for the completion of the dualisation of the Kano-Katsina Expressway.

    The Council also received draft copies of the Medium Term Expenditure Framework 2023-2025 from the Ministry of Finance, Budget and National Planning for onward transmission to the National Assembly for approval.

    The ministry presented the draft for the country, for the next three years to the Council.

    President Buhari also summoned emergency meeting of the National Security Council on Thursday in Abuja, where he expressed serious concern over the current security challenges facing some parts of the country and would stop at nothing to change the tide.

    The president also hosted a delegation from the OGP Support Unit, led by the Chief Executive Officer, Dr Sanjay Pradhan, on Thursday in Abuja.

    During the meeting, Buhari itemised the benefits Nigeria had derived from joining the Open Government Partnership (OGP) Support Unit since 2016.He said when he committed Nigeria to the membership of the Open Government Partnership at the London Anti-Corruption Summit, he was very clear about the role that the initiative would play in the fight against corruption.

    According to him, since that time, “we have developed and implemented two National Action Plans on the Open Government Partnership.

    The Nigerian leader concluded the week with a congratulatory message to Archbishop Daniel Okoh,  General Superintendent of Christ Holy Church (Odozi-Obodo), on his election as the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN).

    According to him, the election of Okoh by the very important Christian body is a testament to his devotion to the Church of God in the country and beyond. 

    NewsSourceCredit: NAN

  •  Orji Kalu congratulates CAN President Okoh
    Orji Kalu congratulates CAN President, Okoh
     Orji Kalu congratulates CAN President Okoh
    Orji Kalu congratulates CAN President, Okoh
    General news2 weeks ago

    Orji Kalu congratulates CAN President, Okoh

    The Senate Chief Whip, Orji Kalu, has congratulated the newly elected President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Archbishop Daniel Okoh.Kalu, in a statement issued on Saturday in Abuja, described the newly elected President as a committed religious leader who is committed to nation building.

    Acknowledging the leading roles played by CAN in advocating religious harmony and peace, Kalu said that spiritual leaders have major roles to play in the social, economic and political development of Nigeria.

    According to him, the role of religious platforms in promoting peace and unity cannot be overemphasised.

    The former governor of Abia urged the President of CAN to sustain the good legacies of his predecessor, who championed religious tolerance and harmony among Nigerians regardless of tribal, ethnic and religious differences.

    He said, “on behalf of the people of Abia North Senatorial district, I congratulate the newly elected President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Archbishop Daniel Okoh on his assumption of office.

    “The spiritual leader has served meritoriously in various positions in all facets of life.

    “His emergence as President of CAN is a testimony to his goodwill and pedigree across the country.

    “Archbishop Okoh, no doubt, will consolidate and build on the achievements of his predecessor”.

    Kalu wished the new President a successful tenure while also wishing the outgoing President,  Rev. Samson Ayokunle continued success in his spiritual endeavours.

    The News Agency of Nigeria reports that Okoh is the General Superintendent of Christ Holy Church also known as Nation Builders.

    NewsSourceCredit: NAN