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Steer Clear of Obasanjo’s Nefarious Plotting



It was with a sense of shock and horror that people read a statement from former President Olusegun Obasanjo yesterday, calling for the cancellation of presidential elections that have passed their transparency and credibility tests from the Saturday (February 25) elections.

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His proclivity for anti-democratic activities is well-known, raising the question of his motives now.

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Commonwealth’s Observer Group has deemed the elections a marked improvement on all that have come before it, particularly flagging the outcome of the presidential election in Lagos – where the ruling APC lost to Labour Party – as a symbol of transparency.

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So why is Obasanjo calling for cancellation when the voting process appeared to have gone smoothly?

The curious statement casts doubt on the President’s electoral integrity, since his own polling unit in Abeokuta showed a clear-cut voting victory of 56 votes for the APC candidate, in contrast to the 9 votes he received.

His partisan interests are evident, and the politics of bitterness concerning the results are reflective of an individual whose moral standing is wanting.

The law states clearly that a tribunal has been set up that allows people to voice their claims if they feel any injustice has been done.

Obasanjo’s suggestion of cancelling these results emulates a abortion of a pregnancy where the baby has already been delivered, a stance which is not only comical, but hypocritical.

Obasanjo’s actions offer an insight of secret groups who, in anticipation of the 2023 electoral process, launched a plan to achieve their own aims by all means necessary and by disregarding the will of the populace.

There is a sense of honourless envy and maliciousness that fuels Obasanjo’s words, and with no shame he attempted to persuade President Buhari to accept this by offering him a ‘poisoned chalice’.

It doesn’t help that Obasanjo’s eight-year rule was synonymous with electoral falsehoods and the blatant rewriting of due process.

Evidence of this occurred in 2007 when an INEC chair (Maurice Iwu) pre-empted results in Abuja while voting was still going on.

The Uwais report, which was implemented by Umar Yar‘Adua and meant to atone for Obasanjo’s mistakes, could soon become a thing of the past if Nigerians take no action.

For the benefit of democracy, it is vital for everyone to remain vigilant to any attempts by Olusegun Obasanjo and other so-called ‘owners of Nigeria’ to undermine the electoral process and continue to dictate the outcome of elections.



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