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SNP’s Chief Executive Facing Ouster by Party Members



Possible Motion of No Confidence

A group of members of the SNP‘s ruling body is trying to oust the party’s chief executive, Peter Murrell. According to a source on the national executive committee, Nicola Sturgeon’s husband was seen as a “hindrance.” They added that if Mr. Murrell does not stand down, a majority of members are prepared to support a motion of no confidence against him.

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Chaos in the SNP

This development occurred after a week of chaos in the Scottish National Party (SNP) as two leadership candidates questioned the independence of the election process. There is a strong feeling among several NEC members that Murrell is no longer fit to lead the party as he’s become a damage to it. The source suggested it would be wise for him to announce a date for his departure soon.

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Drop in Membership and Media Resignation

The party also confirmed a massive drop in its membership numbers, a situation the party had previously denied. This revelation resulted in the resignation of the SNP’s head of media at Holyrood, Murray Foote, who said he had issued statements in “good faith” on behalf of party headquarters. He cited “serious issues” with these statements as the reason for his stepping down.

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Multiple Party Members Speak Out

According to a source, Mr. Foote had been “thrown under the bus” by Murrell, husband of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. A second member of the committee said there were no circumstances in which Mr. Murrell could continue as party chief executive. A third member of the committee indicated that the situation was moving fast, and there could be rapid developments later in the day.

Requests for Comment

At present, Peter Murrell has not commented on the situation. It remains unclear whether he will step down from his position as chief executive of the SNP, or contest the proposed motion of no confidence. The situation is likely to continue to develop over the coming days.



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