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Snowglu: The World’s Largest Igloo Cafe in Kashmir



A new tourist attraction has been added to the already beautiful and famous Gulmarg of Kashmir.

It’s an igloo cafe called ‘Snowglu.’

The cafe is 37.5 feet high and 44.5 feet in diameter, and its owners claim it’s the world’s largest igloo cafe.

The cafe is gaining popularity and is attracting tourists from all over the world.

Its unique architecture and the beautiful scenery surrounding it provide a remarkable experience for visitors.

Despite being a temporary structure, the cafe is built to provide comfort and luxury to its visitors.

It’s carpeted and furnished with chairs, tables, and couches, and contains a fireplace to keep the interior warm.

The cafe’s menu includes various Kashmiri dishes, snacks and tea, and other beverages.

The cafe also offers outdoor seating for visitors who don’t want to sit inside.

The cafe’s structure is unique and impressive.

It’s built with snow blocks, which are cut and shaped into blocks using a snow saw.

The snow blocks are placed in a circle and inclined towards the center, creating an igloo’s dome-like structure.

The snow blocks were carefully selected to create a consistent and uniform appearance for the cafe.

The cafe’s location in the middle of snow-covered mountains is another factor that adds to its charm.

The view outside is beautiful during the day, and the cafe is especially attractive in the night when it’s lit up with beautiful lights.

The cafe’s owners are proud of their creation and have applied for a world record.

They are confident that their cafe is the world’s largest igloo cafe and are waiting for confirmation from the Guinness World Records.

The cafe has only been operational for a few months, but it has already made a name for itself among tourists and locals.

The cafe’s popularity is due to the uniqueness of its architecture and its location.

It’s the first cafe of its kind in Kashmir, and people are eager to have the experience of visiting it.

The cafe has also provided employment to the locals, who help in its maintenance and operation.

In conclusion, the Snowglu igloo cafe is a unique and remarkable tourist attraction in Kashmir.

Its impressive architecture, beautiful location, and excellent service make it a must-visit place for tourists.

The cafe’s owners should be commended for their creativity and determination in bringing this extraordinary cafe to life.

The visitors can enjoy the most of it and can have an unforgettable experience over there.



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