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Shakira Reveals Why Her Hips Don’t Lie



Her Son Milan Started It All

The 46-year-old Shakira finally opened up on The Tonight Show about her collaboration with Argentine DJ Bizarrap. She revealed that it was actually her son Milan who insisted they collaborate, a fact that Bizarrap confirmed.

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Depeche Mode and Hip Movements

When Shakira first heard the beat offered by Bizarrap, she felt it on a visceral level. She even compared it to her favorite band, Depeche Mode. As for the resulting hip movements, she confirmed that they do not lie. It is a physical reaction that she has to music.

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Connecting with Women

Before performing her hit track with Bizarrap, Shakira talked about how her collaboration served as a much-needed outlet to vent and connect with a “sisterhood” determined to triumph even in the darkest of times. She has had a rough year after her separation from the pro soccer star Gerard Piqué, but the success of the song has become sort of like an anthem for so many women out there.

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Fallon Gets Excited About Hips That Don’t Lie

Jimmy Fallon couldn’t resist joking about Shakira’s famous song, causing her to sheepishly admit that her hips really do not lie. Fallon was ecstatic about the answer.

“This is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. This is the greatest. I can retire,” Fallon exclaimed. “This is all I really wanted to know, is if, really, your hips do lie or don’t lie to you. You’re actuating telling us!”



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