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Seychelles: President Ramkalawan visits the Ministry of Land and Housing



President Wavel Ramkalawan visited the Ministry of Land and Housing at the Independence House yesterday morning.

This visit follows President Ramkalawan’s announcement to improve service delivery in the public sector.

The President was received by the Minister of Land and Housing, Mr. Billy Rangasamy, the Principal Secretary for Housing, Mr. Denis Barbe, the Executive Director of the Seychelles Infrastructure Agency (SIA), Mr. Jitesh Shah, and the Executive Director of the Seychelles Planning Authority (SPA), Ms. Angela Servina.

The visit began in the Customer Service division, on the ground floor of Casa Independencia, and then went to the second floor, where the President was introduced to the staff of the Department of Land and Housing, as well as the SIA, where he had the opportunity to address them.

The Head of State urged them to improve the level of service provision, to facilitate the requests that come from citizens who wish to acquire land, planning requests for construction projects, and housing requests.

“This Ministry is one that is very important, as you serve the public on a daily basis.

My visit here today is to better understand the day-to-day operations of the various departments, to see where there are challenges and how we can further improve the efficiency and quality of service offered to citizens.

I am here today to encourage and show my support, but at the same time, I urge you all to be honest, fair, and transparent in your daily tasks.

I know you are under a lot of pressure due to the demands of the public, but you must stay focused and show the utmost professionalism in everything you do.”, President Ramkalawan added.

However, as the Ministry looks for ways to address those limitations, the President called on citizens seeking assistance to also take responsibility to do their part, contribute, and meet the ministry halfway.

Staff members had the opportunity to express their concerns and difficulties with the high demand for land and housing, which is the main cause of frustration for applicants.

Following the visit, President Ramkalawan chaired a meeting with the Minister and the leadership of the various departments of the Ministry.

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