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Love Is Blind Purports to Be Authentic, but Villains Still Abound



The Cast is More Mature…

Though the concept of the show continues to be absurd, I can’t stop watching. The cast includes Zack, a quirky criminal defense attorney who said he’s been judged for the way he grew up (his mother was a stripper); Brett, a mellow designer who picked up drawing as a low-income kid and landed a job at Nike without a college degree; Kwame, an animated sales development manager and former soccer player from Ghana; Marshall, a marketing manager who had demanding parents and describes himself as emotional and sensitive; and Paul, a rational-minded environmental scientist who said Love Is Blind is a “surprisingly sound” experiment. The women include Chelsea, a pediatric speech pathologist with a manner that’s both shrewd and direct; Tiffany, a successful recruiter who likes to defy expectations and is worried about finding a partner at age 36; Jackelina, a fun, sassy dental assistant who had “hard” parents; and Micah, a bubbly marketing manager who calls herself an empath. On the whole, they seem more mature and developed than the Dallas crew, although they are not without their flaws.

The Show Claims to Be Authentic, Yet Still Committed to Drama

The producers voyeuristically document the turmoil the cast endures facing the impossible task of finding someone you’d marry in six weeks, and it makes you skeptical about the intentions of a show that purports so ardently to be more “authentic” than the rest, yet still seems committed to drama. Love Is Blind reliably includes at least one person each season who seems atrocious, presumably because the producers think there’s a narrative advantage to having a villain. This season, business owner Irina shows up as a mean girl who treats people’s emotions with reckless disdain. The show engineers more drama in Season 4 by casting individuals who must decide whether their new relationships are worth settling down in Seattle for, even after SK and Raven struggled with long-distance partnership in Season 3. It doesn’t feel like the show has its participants’ best interests at heart.



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