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Senator Chimaroke Nnamani Blames Governor for Loss in Enugu East Senatorial District Election



Senator Chimaroke Nnamani’s Allegations

Senator Chimaroke Nnamani of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has continued to groan over his loss in the Enugu East Senatorial District election, seemingly blaming Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi as being responsible for his defeat.

Bewildered by Governor Ugwuanyi’s Statement

Chimaroke questioned the meaning of someone saying, ”we all will lose,” a statement which was alleged to have been used by Ugwuanyi after losing his senatorial election, believing he (Ugwuanyi) worked against him.

Enugu PDP and Ebeano political structure were overtly schemed out

In a series of tweets in the early morning of Tuesday, Chimaroke claimed that Enugu PDP and his Ebeano political structure were overtly schemed out.

Chimaroke Lost Enugu East Senatorial District Election to Kelvin Chukwu of the Labour Party

Recall that Chimaroke lost the election to Kelvin Chukwu of the Labour Party, LP.

Chimaroke Questions the Choice and Financing of his Agents

He wondered who organized and financed his suspension following his expulsion from the party and the thought process of choosing agents chosen for him, whom he believed worked against him.

Chimaroke Questions the PDP/Labour Coalition

Chimaroke also raised a question about who put together the PDP/Labour coalition, which he claimed enforced that PDP voted Labour Party for Senate and Labour Party voted PDP for Governor.

Chimaroke’s Uncertainties

He wrote, ”Given the choice, Enugu PDP and Ebeano will not overtly scheme me out to the extent of losing centres won by PDP candidates in the same polling booths. Who is an Emeka Anyogu, an INEC staff on a night shift across the Halls of Enugu Local Govt and INEC fine-tuning things.

”What was the ultimate effect of the cliche we all will lose? What was the thought process of all my agents chosen for me? And my agents directing voters to vote for PDP Governor and Labor Senate? How does one explain the huge disparity between votes for Governor and Senator?

”Who chastised Local Chairman who were interested in the Senate Project, including Enugu North Chairman ordered to leave Enugu Central? What were the roles of the Reps who lost elections earlier and the Governor too, some losing their Polling booths?

”Who put together the PDP/Labour coalition that enforced PDP voting Labour for Senate and Labour voting PDP for Governor? Who brought stakeholders, including traditional rulers, to pass instructions.

”Who organized and financed my suspension? Ditto my expulsion? As you know, the kola nut has to be chewed with oiled peanuts. Who facilitated and oiled it? Who financed the announcement of my ” non contestation” prior to each postponement?”




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