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Sen. Shehu Sani lists security as priority



Senator Shehu Sani has promised to make it impossible for terrorists to operate in Kaduna state, if he is elected governor in 2023.

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Sani cast the vote in Abuja on Wednesday while speaking to reporters after buying the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) expression of interest and nomination forms to contest the party’s gubernatorial bid.

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The former All Progressives (APC) member of Congress, who represented Kaduna Central in the 8th Senate, said the state needed a leader who would nip in the bud the insecurity challenges it faces.

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“I tend to propose a program that addresses the issues of health, education and also youth development. My basic interest in running for this position is how I can improve the standard of living of my people and contribute to the development of Nigeria.

“As far as we all know, Kaduna has become a hub for terrorists and bandits. We need a leader who will nip banditry in the bud.

“We need a leader who will introduce and implement programs and policies that make it impossible for these terrorists to turn our state into their own hub.

“I am here for serious business, we cannot keep crossing our arms and our people are being killed every day and the government remains defenseless.

“I don’t think we can’t address this problem.

“I believe that if you have a program of action that will work with the people of the state and the security architecture, that will bring people together to fight and confront the common enemy, we will put an end to this terrorism.

“I am here because I think I have something to offer. I’m not the typical career politician you know, I’m an activist.

“I think I’m in this to mobilize our people to lead the fight to protect our people to protect our country,” he said.

Sani promised that, if elected, he would provide the necessary equipment and services that will help security agencies wage the battle.

Sani, who denounced the level of division in Kaduna state that made it impossible to address insecurity, said that under his rule he would unite the state to fight their common enemies.

He said that as a multi-ethnic state, only fairness, equity and fairness would unite the state.

Sani said he would not run a state where one party would be favored and the other neglected.

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