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Royal yacht: The government invested £2.5m in the successor to the Royal Yacht Britannia before the project went bankrupt | UK News



Sky News

The government invested nearly £2.5m in commissioning a new royal yacht before scuttling the project, Sky News can reveal.

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Figures obtained through a freedom of information request found that the Ministry of Defense spent £2,476,000 on the ship, a successor to the Royal Yacht Britannia.

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Announced in May

Announced in May 2021 by Boris Johnson and named after the Duke of Edinburgh, the plans They drifted last month.

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he paid for it Minister of Defense.

John Healey, the Labor party’s shadow defense secretary, said the money was “spent” on a “Tory vanity project”.

Sky News

A breakdown of spending obtained by Sky News shows that £648,000 was spent on crown service costs and military personnel.

Some £348,000 was spent on labor replacement costs.

More about the Ministry of Defense

Around £40,000 was spent on operational and administrative costs, and £809,000 was spent supporting the private sector.

The government racked up £476,000 in consultancy fees and £110,000 in branding and digital media costs.

Ministry of Defense

It’s not unusual for unrealized projects to cost a lot of money: the garden bridge commissioned by Johnson when he was mayor of London cost the taxpayer tens of millions before it, too, was scrapped.

A Ministry of Defense spokesperson said: “The initial phase of the National Flagship program delivered significant value to the maritime industry which will be critical to the future success of the British shipbuilding pipeline.

Image: A breakdown of spending

Value for Money Office

“There are multiple costs involved in starting a fast and credible business competition, including internal and external staff costs, consultancy spending, and support from the private sector.

“However, as threats continue to evolve, it is only right that we prioritize the delivery of capabilities that safeguard the national infrastructure.”

Healey said: “The Tories have spent millions on a vain Conservative project at a time when threats are mounting and the size of our military is being cut.

“The scale of waste in the defense department is unacceptable. Ministers are failing British troops and British taxpayers.

“A Labor government would tackle these deep-seated problems from day one.

“We will commission the NAO to carry out a comprehensive audit of MoD waste and make the MoD the first department subject to the strict new spending regime of our new Value for Money Office.”

All vendors were contacted for comment, but most declined to comment or did not respond.

A spokesperson for the Royal Institute of British Architects responded to Sky News, saying: “RIBA has been contracted by the Ministry of Defense for the provision of specialist architectural services and design-related support for the National Flagship project.”

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