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Robert Peston causes tension on “The Wheel”



The premise of the show

Normally known for being light-hearted and funny, Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel on BBC One sees celebrities work with members of the public to help them win big. Often the celebrities and contestants get on very well however some viewers noticed the tension between a celebrity and contestant Nathan.

The incident

After Nathan picked the category elections, celebrity Robert Peston’s specialist subject, the wheel span in his fortune and landed on Robert to help Nathan answer the question. Robert is a journalist with his own weekly political discussion show Peston and is the political editor of ITV news.

Robert corrected Nathan when he said presidential elections were broadcasted in the 1950s, prompting Nathan to say: “So what do you think then? You are the expert.” Robert then advised Nathan what he thought was the right answer to the question and said: “But you’ve got to go for your own one”.

Nathan disagreed with Robert and picked a different answer, to which Robert replied: “I really hope you are right”. Michael pointed out how rare it was for a contestant to disagree with the celebrity expert but Nathan did get the question right. Many viewers noticed the tension between Nathan and Robert.

Audience Reactions

One said: “Peston looks like he’s about to fire his agent #TheWheel”, while another added: “Robert Peston should have been in red as he got his specialist question wrong on #TheWheel so only right Nathan went out on Peston”. A third said: “Astonished that Robert Peston, an experienced political commentator, did not know about Roosevelt! #TheWheel”.

The Second Round

The wheel then landed again on Robert, to help Nathan on a question about the Olympics which was Sir Chris Hoy’s specialist subject. Although they both agreed on the answer this time Robert and Nathan got it wrong, meaning that Nathan was replaced by another contestant.

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