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Red Bulls Paper Revue: December 26, 2022



Red Bulls Paper Revue

Welcome to the Red Bulls Paper Revue presented by Once a Metro.

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Here is the main news of this week.

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How about a rare one to start?

New York Red Bulls

Goal reports that ONE YEAR AGO [i.e., NOT NOW OR IN THE CURRENT TRANSFER WINDOW] The New York Red Bulls offered to pay Palmeiras $10 million and an additional $2 million in potential bonus clauses for wesley ribeiro silva. However, the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A club chose to sell 50% of their rights to Cruzeiro for around $3,200,000 to be paid over the course of three installments. The issue was, of course, that the MLS full-back wanted “full rights to him”, which wasn’t enough to get rid of the 23-year-old winger.

Seattle Sounders

Now, uh, last time I heard this story, it was, in fact, the Seattle Sounders who were playing the role of the Traveler in the manhunt for Wesley. Manager Brian Schmetzer even went as far as to acknowledge that the club was in negotiations to acquire him. Knowing the rules of Major League Soccer as we know them, there is a very, very low chance that two clubs will compete for your signature due to the structure of the organization wagging a harsh finger at anyone who attempts such a thing.

Although, you know, who knows? Maybe it’s real. I certainly trust journalistic integrity and anyone’s reporting more than my own.


Mina Cup

The new york red bulls have entered the next edition of the Mina Cup. The club is sending the Under-14 team to the annual youth tournament in the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The competition is scheduled from March 31 to April 5. Last year’s participants included representatives from UNAM Pumas (Mexico), Bhayangkara FC (Indonesia) and Wolverhampton Wanderers (UK).


MLS SuperDraft

With the 79th overall pick in the MLS SuperDraft, the New York Red Bulls selected Amos Shapiro-Thompson out of Boston University. The midfielder took the long and winding road that leads to [a] professional door, including a stint in preparatory school and spells at the academies of Dinamo Zagreb and Legia Warsaw. His hometown of Winchestertonfieldvil-…Worthington, Massachusetts took the time to celebrate with the local product, providing the beautiful content that can only be obtained by local journalism and stolen by shameless aggregator bloggers.

Thomas Johnston of the Greenville Recorder

“Coming from a really small rural town and growing up kicking the ball against the barn all day, it’s surreal,” Shapiro-Thompson told Thomas Johnston of the Greenville Recorder. “This journey took me all over the world to pursue this dream. Being back here in Worthington with my parents, my sister, my friends from elementary school, it was very meaningful. We were all sitting at the kitchen table watching the selections arrive. It was intense and emotional. There was a lot of noise in the house when the pick showed up and it was me.”

I guess that settles one thing. Next season, if Shapiro-Thompson misses a shot, no one can claim he “missed the side of the barn.” Thanks to this interview, we know that he can and has.


Christopher Vivell

Chelsea announced the signing of Christopher Vivell as the club’s new sporting director. The 36-year-old was previously in the same position at RB Leipzig. His responsibilities included setting “the strategic direction of team planning in accordance with an overall transfer philosophy” while managing “all recruiting and scouting measures, across all age groups and on a global scale, including in Brazil and the USA.” USA (New York). ”

With Red Bull

With Red Bull, things are always a little more connected than you imagined. What impact did Vivell have on the MLS club? If you don’t know, then I’m not going to explain it to you… because I don’t know either.


Andreas Ivan he finally made his first debut for FC Schalke… in a friendly!

Hajduk Split

He was given a chance in a 2-2 draw with Vienna and scored twice in another training match against Hajduk Split. The midfielder has been impressive with five goals and five assists in 16 Regionalliga West appearances. The club is considering giving the 27-year-old a career in the Bundesliga, which couldn’t hurt because Die Königsblauen (The Royal Blues) currently sit bottom of the table with nine points from 15 matches.

“The debut was incredible, to have another opportunity like this, to have the privilege to play for such a big club in the professional team is like a dream,” Ivan told “I enjoy every second that I play here! The first team received me very well, I felt excellent immediately. There is always a good atmosphere and the team is great. The first part of the preparation for the return of the season ends on December 22, and until then I want to learn as much as possible and take it with me for next year.

Do you think Iván will make it to the first team when the season resumes? Call now. You know the number.


fabio gomes He is still at Atlético Mineiro. Galo (Gallo) doesn’t want him there, but he’s still there. Despite waiting for the transfer, the striker maintains a good mentality.

“My directors have already given me some things and I am calm”, said Fábio. “If I’m going to stay or if I go to another club, I’m just focused on improving my fitness and being ready for the new challenge in my career. It’s not that simple, but I put a lot of effort into it, from the early days and people know it. But a player needs sequence, rhythm, confidence. And in Galo the level is very high and you have to wait for his opportunity ”

He seems to have his head on the right track and is focused on succeeding at his next club. That’s really all a player can do. Well… Fábio can do that and probably score a few more goals.


Red Bulls II

swift williams, one of the most decorated players in lower league history (don’t check that because I don’t care), has a new home. The former Red Bulls II midfielder traded Miami FC for the Colorado Springs Switchbacks, moving from the USL Championship Eastern Conference to the Western Conference. The one-time Jamaican international and three-time champion is expected to “bring top-level quality and leadership to [the] dressing room”, with his “experience winning titles” ideally “taking [the club] through the most critical parts of the season.”

Speedy Williams

Speedy Williams played for the reserve team in 2015 and 2016. He was part of the team that won the 2016 USL Cup. After leaving the club, the Kingstonian won two more USL championships… championships with Louisville City FC.


Youba Diarra

Man, Cádiz CF likes it a lot Youba Diarra.

For the second time in a year, the LaLiga team is chasing the Malian midfielder. The move is “very close to completion” and in “very advanced” stages. It is scheduled to arrive next week.

The club previously pursued him in the last winter market, but the then coach Álvaro Cervera “did not approve” the signing. Now that he’s gone, whoever really loves Diarra is ready to go after the midfielder to his heart’s content. And who could say no to such a talented player… besides the aforementioned person who did it.

Red Bull Salzburg

Interestingly, Diarra has been enjoying a pretty decent season with Red Bull Salzburg. He’s nothing crazy, of course, but he appeared in nine games in total for the top table of the Austrian Bundesliga. Though considering his age of 24 and his injury history, this may be the apex of any “high-sell” assessment.


The biggest question facing the world of football this coming year is, of course, “Will hans backe will he return to his commentary role with the Swedish channel TV4/C More?”

Red Bulls

The former Red Bulls coach has become a renowned pundit during the recent World Cup for his expert analysis, educating and entertaining Swedish spectators. With more of the beautiful game on the way, there is some curiosity as to whether he will continue in the role. Expressen tried to get to the bottom of the problem, but Backe is a shy man.

Champions League

“I’ll make a decision on that, I’ll do some thinking in the intervening days,” the 70-year-old said. “It’s unbelievably fun. If you have rights like the Champions League, you also have the best club football. Then I have a lot of other work in progress that I would need to scale back a bit. Among other things, I have a role at UEFA (the European Football Association) as a mentor to some of the most promising coaches in Europe. And some other goodies. I work perhaps more than ever. But it is clear that it is very tempting to continue given the rights that TV4/Cmore have”.

World Cup

He is likely to return, having been strengthened by the recent World Cup. “Damn, what an event,” Backe said. [Get it? Like the word “express,” but he’s talking to the publication Expressen – always a high level of comedy at Once a Metro.]. “There is nothing that beats that ending. He is the best of all. I’ve seen a lot since basically 1966 (in England), and there’s nothing to punish what we saw on Sunday.”

Walter Cronkite

How about a fun fact? In Sweden, newscasters are known as “Cronkiters”, named after Walter Cronkite. Maybe in a few years, all sports analysts will be referred to as “Backers.”

Trivial Pursuit

Want an even funnier fact? The term “Cronkiters” is an urban legend and not even remotely true. I incorrectly answered a question related to this bogus neologism during a family game of Trivial Pursuit, ended up losing by a narrow margin, and had no one to complain to.

Here’s a joke sent in by Calliope from Alpine.

“I always wanted to go on vacation to Sweden, but my husband refused to pay because he said I was ‘Swedish enough’ already.”

Thanks Calliope

Thanks Calliope. Sounds like a real wordsmith and kind of cheap too.


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