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Ray Fisher accuses DC Films Executives of not being fit for leadership



Rising to fame with the role of Cyborg in ‘Justice League’

Ray Fisher rose to fame by playing DC’s Cyborg and by appearing in the first Justice League movies released in 2017. As the movie surrounded many controversies, the actor was on a rampage and lashed at the productions. Over the past year, Fisher blasted the director Joss Whedon and the studio via harsh-but-cryptic tweets for racist and inappropriate conduct while filming the DC movie.

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Expressing his opinions on the new DC vision

When the movie was released, it received a mixed response from the audiences and the critics. Along with that, the Cyborg actor also accused Whedon of alleged abusive and toxic behaviour on set. Adding to the previous bashing, the actor has once again expressed his opinions on the DC films made under the new vision of Gunn and Safran.

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Fisher speaks out on Twitter

Ray Fisher took to Twitter and talked about the new leadership. The Cyborg actor from the DC Extended Universe addressed controversies about the reshoots of the 2017 ‘Justice League’ film, which director Joss Whedon oversaw during filming. “As the truth about the Justice League reshoots continues to come out, it is important to remember: The former, and current, DC Films executives that protected and supported Joss Whedon are not fit for leadership,” wrote Ray Fisher on his Twitter feed.

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Fisher warns about DC employees who were with Whedon

The Justice League star warned about DC employees from Whedon’s time who are still with the company. However, it is not clear whether he likes James Gunn and Peter Safran, but it is the first time in a while that Ray Fisher has condemned the new DC regime.

Fisher’s accusations in 2020

For the unversed, Cyborg actor Ray Fisher raised accusations of on-set abuse perpetrated by direct Joss Whedon in 2020. He revealed that creative differences over Justice League led to his character’s role in the movie being reduced. There were also reports that Fisher was supposed to have his own solo Cyborg movie, but it did not get into production due to the controversies.

Closing thoughts

Ray Fisher is not new to raising his voice against controversies that arise during the filming of movies. While it is important for actors and artists to express their opinions, it is also important to do so in a way that is respectful and professional. Fans eagerly await the response of the new DC regime on this matter.



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