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Puerto Rico Advances To Quarterfinals, Dominican Republic Eliminated: PR vs DR



Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic: Two of the Top Contenders

One of these two teams will not advance to the quarterfinals of the tournament, despite being among the favorites to win it. Before the start of the World Baseball Classic, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic appeared as two of the top contenders to take the title on March 21st in Miami, Florida, and now the loser of tonight’s game will be eliminated from contention, after Venezuela surprisingly took over Pool D. These two countries have baseball as their national sport and have star-studded rosters filled with MLB‘s top talent, including names like Javi Baez, Francisco Lindor, Manny Machado, Juan Soto, and many more, with Puerto Rico being commanded by former player and recently retired legendary catcher, Yadier Molina, while Dominican Republic is managed by Rodney Linares.

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Injury Concerns for Puerto Rico

The New York Mets say Molina will “undergo imaging” tomorrow. Puerto Rico manager Yadier Molina says there may be an update tonight on the severity of Edwin Diaz’s injury. Awful scene in Miami. Alexis Diaz, Edwin’s brother, cries. What an awful turn of events for Puerto Rico. Edwin recently signed a 5-year, $102 million deal with the New York Mets. OH NO! Edwin Diaz has suffered a freak injury during celebrations with Puerto Rico. It looks bad, as the MLB’s best closer was not able to walk off the field by himself. We will keep you all updated.

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Puerto Rico Advances, Dominican Republic Knocked Out

Puerto Rico is off to the quarterfinals. Dominican Republic is knocked out in the group stage. These two teams were favorite to win it all, but only one could go through with Venezuela winning the group. The WBC is sizzling. Boricua pitcher Edwin Diaz is the best closer in baseball right now. Edwin Diaz is smoking the Dominican Republic. What a closer! One out to go for Puerto Rico to go to quarterfinals. Which seems like a sure thing at this point.

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Pitching and Defense Shines for Puerto Rico

The trumpets are sounding in Miami for Edwin Diaz. Edwin Diaz comes on the mound for Puerto Rico. Extremely tough scenario for Dominican Republic here, with three outs to go. Underwood Jr. retires every batter he faced in the 8th. We’re off to the 9th inning with things looking very good for Puerto Rico. Duane Underwood Jr. is now on the mound for Puerto Rico. Rafael Devers is OUT after a baseline drive. PR needs another two outs. Three OUTS and we’re off to the bottom of the 8th. Camilo Doval with a solid showing on the mound. Gives hope to Dominican Republic. San Francisco Giants pitcher Camilo Doval is on the mound again. Dominican Republic needs to shut PR out if they want to have a chance to turn this game around. Abs olutely clutch pitching by Jorge López! The Minnesota Twins pitcher has two strikeouts in the 7th. Now faces Manny Machado. Lopez strikes out Juan Soto! Sigh of relief for Puerto Rico. One man down. Juan Soto at bat now for the Dominican Republic with a fresh set of outs. Will PR be able to contain him? Camilo Doval on the mound now for the Dominican Republic. Castillo gets subbed off for Dominican Republic. Two outs, as Francisco Lindor is now at bat for PR. Runners on 1st and 3rd for Dominican Republic. PR huddles together, knows moment is key. Padilla on the mound for Puerto Rico. Great play in the infield by Lindor, who takes a hit away from Franco. Eloy Jimenez just barely misses the home run! Gets on 2nd base for Dominican Republic. Franco now at bat.

Offense Heats Up in the Middle Innings

Three and out for the Dominican Republic. We’re off to the bottom of the 6th. Let’s take a look at Julio Rodríguez’ amazing catch again. WOW! What a catch by Julio Rodriguez! Two down for the DR. Diego Castillo strikes out Emanuel Rivera. One down for Dominican Republic. Huge double play for PR! Dominican Republic still manages to score a run. BASES LOADED! No outs, as Rodríguez gets a hit. Manny Machado at bat now for Dominican Republic, who desperately need to capitalize on this opportunity. Juan Soto walks to 1st base. Runners at 1st and 2nd base for DR. Julio Rodríguez (0-2 for the night) is now at bat for the Dominican Republic. What a game in Miami! We’re off to the bottom of the 5th. Inside the park HOME RUN by Francisco Lindor! Incredible! Very costly error by the DR. Yimi García pitches for Dominican Republic. Maldonado is at bat for PR. Ketel Marte gets a base hit for Dominican Republic with a low midfield swing. Two down for Rios. Wander Franco now at bat for Dominican Republic in the bottom of the 4th inning. Rios pitches. Juan Soto catches a ball in the outfield for an OUT. Rafael Montero takes the mound for the DR. Rosario hits a fly-out for Puerto Rico. Score still 4-1 in Miami. Yacksel Rios takes the mound for PR. He has two outs so far. HUGE needed solo Home Run for Dominican Republic! Juan Soto. A 448-foot homer for the Padres star! Abreu gets the second straight out. DR has two men down, hoping to soon get the third. Puerto Rico dominates, as Abreu struggles on the mound. First out but PR scores on a sacrifice hit. Another RUN for Puerto Rico! PR leads 2-0 with runners on 1st and 2nd! Bryan Abreu takes the mound for Dominican Republic. Johnny Cueto is off after 26 pitches. Another costly error by the Dominican Republic. Miscommunication has a bunt turn into HIT for Puerto Rico. HOME RUN! Christian Vázquez has a walk-on HR for Puerto Rico! PR gets on the board. 1-0.

Starting Pitchers Impress Early on

HUGE strike-out by Moran! Puerto Rico breathes a sigh of relief. Three and out, onto the 3rd inning still 0-0 in Miami. PR error! Dominican Republic steals base, now has runners of 2nd and 3rd base. Jovani Moran gets subbed on, takes the mound for Puerto Rico. Two down for Puerto Rico, as Franco walks-out last at bat. Yadier Molina makes it to the mound, as a pitching change is about. Dominican Republic gets their first hit of the game! Franco gets on 1st base. Still scoreless in Miami. A fly-out has Fernando Cruz and PR with 1 out in the



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