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Protest at Wits Over Student Exclusion Due to Financial Reasons



Students at Wits University are taking part in a campus shutdown at the front entrance in protest of the exclusion from access to education due to financial grounds.

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The Student Representative Council (SRC) announced the action against the prohibitive cost of accommodation, estimated to be around R10,000 for those not eligible for assistance from the existing hardship fund.

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Security has been brought in to the campus to ensure the safety of staff and students, and for the continuation of the academic programme.

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Campus management followed up with the SRC over the last few weeks to talk to the private sector and secure additional funding to provide education to those who may not be able to pay.

Team members had been in contact with the SRC up until the previous night to get as many qualifying students as possible to enrol.

Despite this cooperation and effort, some members of the SRC have decided to this protest due to insufficient resources.

Management has contributed one more million as a match to the SRC’s R6.2 donated to the fund, bringing the total to R12.4 for those who qualify for aid.

The university is committed to providing equal access to education, and since 2022 it has disbursed around R1.6 billion to over 26,000 students.

With the collective contribution of the SRC and university, they will be able to aid and welcome more academically-inclined students to attend their university.

This is an ongoing story, and Wits University management is monitoring the situation.



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