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Primaries: Group urges party delegates to resist financial inducement



Crusader Defense Initiative

The Crusader Defense Initiative (CAI), a non-governmental organization, has urged political party delegates for the upcoming primary election to demonstrate patriotism by voting for credible candidates.

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The CIA also called on delegates not to base their choice of candidates on financial incentives, but rather to vote for candidates they consider competent enough to lead the country.

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Cletus Uwakina

The CIA warning is contained in a statement issued Friday in Abuja by its national president, Mr. Cletus Uwakina.

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Uwakina, a rights activist, said in the statement that “the responsibility lies squarely with the delegates to decide the fate of their political party’s standard-bearers.

“It means that the journey to elect credible and transparent leaders for Nigeria starts with the delegates.

“Given the challenges that pervade the Nigerian state and the need for more interventions, we call on delegates from the main political parties in Nigeria to avoid their personal interests and feelings.

“They should use their votes to move forward.”

According to him, while it may be difficult to reduce financial incentives, the desire to give Nigeria credible leaders should take precedence over any self-interest.

He said that the upcoming primary elections should be used by political parties to demonstrate their passion and patriotism with the intention of improving the lives of millions of Nigerians.

“As delegates, you must deliberately resist the temptation to sell your conscience and your precious vote for a pot of oatmeal that won’t last forever.”

“At this point in our democratic enterprise, what Nigerians expect of you as delegates of your political party is that you vote for the most credible candidate in your party.

“This to ensure that during the general elections we will have credibility versus credibility in all areas.

“Your duty as delegates from your various political parties is to provide Nigerians with the best candidates your party can afford,” he said.

Uwakina reminded prospective delegates that they had the choice to raise money and allow their children’s future to be wasted or to refuse the money and vote according to their conscience.

“It is better for you to advance further in Nigeria now that you have the opportunity as a delegate or never,” said Uwakina.


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