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President Ramkalawan congratulates military forces after the arrest of an Iranian dhow carrying drugs



Wavel Ramkalawan

President Wavel Ramkalawan, Commander-in-Chief of the Seychelles Defense Forces (SDF), congratulated the military forces for the arrest of an Iranian dhow carrying illicit drugs in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

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Chief of the Defense Forces

In a message to the Chief of the Defense Forces, Brigadier Rosette, he congratulated the Seychelles Coast Guard, the Seychelles Air Force and the Special Forces for a successful well-coordinated mission.


“Despite the enormous risks and rough seas, they acted bravely and rose to the challenge of completing the operation to intercept the Iranian dhow.


You have destroyed a major shipment of heroin and in doing so have protected our youth from this poison that is destroying families, relationships and our nation.

I salute your determination.”

He reminded the population that the fight against drugs continues to be a commitment of his government and made a special call to the population of Seychelles to be part of this fight so that the country wins so that our children can live in a safer environment.

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