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President of Nigeria Football Federation Assures Fairness to Super Eagles



The Background

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) has had a tumultuous relationship with its national team, the Super Eagles, due to issues surrounding bonuses and entitlements. The clashes often escalate into protests and ultimatums, which cause disruptions to the team’s performance and image.

The Promise

The new President of NFF, Ibrahim Gusau, has assured the Super Eagles that things will be different under his leadership. He promised to be fair and just in all dealings with the players, and never to make unrealistic promises that he cannot fulfil.

The Importance of Unity

Gusau stressed the importance of team spirit and unity in achieving success, both on and off the pitch. He acknowledged that the Super Eagles were the flagship of Nigerian football and any problems between them and the NFF would affect the country’s image negatively.

The Need for Sponsorship

Gusau also highlighted the importance of sponsors in supporting the development of Nigerian football. He emphasized that sponsors look to the Super Eagles as the flagship team of Nigerian football and that the success of the NFF depends on the success of the national team.

The Way Forward

Gusau’s promise of fairness and just dealings with the Super Eagles is a step in the right direction for Nigerian football. It is essential to have a good relationship between the national team and the football house, for the success of the team and the development of football in Nigeria.



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