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President Joe Biden Invites Coco Gauff to Visit the White House



FLUSHING MEADOWS, QUEENS — Coco Gauff, the newly crowned U.S. Open champion, described her moment of victory as a relieving experience. In an interview with ABC News, she expressed how the sensation of falling on the floor symbolized the end of a challenging journey.

As we all witnessed on live television, Gauff shared a heartfelt embrace with her parents. She described the hug as an extended and emotional moment, stating that she is not typically a touchy person. Seeing her father waiting for her at the top of the stairs brought her to tears.

By winning the U.S. Open title at the age of 19, Gauff not only secured her place in history as one of the youngest American women to achieve this feat but also joined the esteemed company of Althea Gibson, Venus and Serena Williams, and Sloane Stephens as one of the few Black American women to do so. In acknowledgment of their influence, Gauff expressed her gratitude, stating that she is a product of their legacy and recognizes the trials and tribulations they endured. She feels honored to see their names etched in history alongside hers.

Furthermore, Gauff had an inspiring message for young girls who witnessed her victory at Ashe Stadium, where she herself had watched tennis matches with her parents. The U.S. Open shared a video of young Coco dancing in the stands, symbolizing the dreams she had at that time. Reflecting on the past decade, Gauff conveyed her astonishment at carrying the trophy and urged young girls to continue dreaming and believing in themselves, as their aspirations are entirely within reach.

Throughout the tournament, Gauff was aware of those observing her matches in the stands and the conversations on social media. However, one particular outreach stood out among the rest: a phone call from President Joe Biden. She expressed her anticipation for the conversation, acknowledging the surreal feeling of speaking with the President of the United States. Gauff had already met the former President, Barack Obama, which she considered a remarkable experience.

According to the White House, President Biden did indeed speak with Coco Gauff and her parents, congratulating her on her U.S. Open victory. The call took place after Gauff concluded her post-match obligations. As a further honor, President Biden extended an invitation for Gauff to visit the White House.

The 2023 U.S. Open marked the 50th anniversary of equal pay, a milestone achieved through the efforts of tennis legend Billie Jean King. The USTA celebrated this achievement throughout the tournament. During her trophy presentation, Gauff expressed her gratitude to Billie Jean King for her tireless advocacy for equality. Gauff acknowledged King’s trailblazing impact on and off the court and expressed her appreciation for being paid the same amount as male competitors in the tournament.

As for how Gauff, a 19-year-old, plans to celebrate her U.S. Open victory, she revealed that she was heading to a sports bar to join her parents and team. There, she looked forward to relishing a well-deserved moment of indulgence: enjoying a burger.


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