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‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Premiere Reveals Shocking Character Return



A Surprising Twist in the Season 3 Premiere

This post contains spoilers from Friday’s Power Book II: Ghost premiere. Proceed accordingly.

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Fans of Power and its many spinoffs love to speculate that the series’ frequent character deaths won’t stick. In the case of one of the franchise’s characters, we learned Friday, they were right.

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The final moments of Book II: Ghost‘s Season 3 premiere revealed that Lauren, played by Paige Hurd, did not die in Season 2 like Tariq — and most of the audience — believed.

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The Story Behind Lauren’s Alleged Death

The story that everyone at Stansfield University believes is that Lauren was the victim of a car accident. But the college student had really been the target of a plan hatched by Effie, Brayden and Cane to kill her after she’d worn a wire to gather evidence that nearly led to the unraveling of their drug operation.

Still, her death took place off screen when Effie hauled her away after Brayden couldn’t bring himself to shoot his classmate, hence viewers’ skepticism.

Lauren Returns in the Season 3 Premiere

At the end of the Season 3 premiere, prosecutor Jenny Sullivan drove to a large, riverside home with a man guarding the entrance. After she flashed her badge and went inside, she spoke to someone in the living room. “Hi,” Sullivan asked. “How you holding up?”

The woman standing by the window turned to face her, and we saw that it was Lauren. “How much longer do I have to pretend that I’m dead?” she wondered.

What Lauren’s Return Could Mean for the Show’s Dynamics

In the video above, TVLine chats with Michael Rainey Jr., Alix Lapri, Gianni Paolo and showrunner Brett Mahoney to get their take on what Lauren’s reappearance could mean for Tariq, Effie and Brayden’s business partnership — particularly now that they’ve taken on the job of moving Noma’s hefty store of product — as well as Tariq and Effie’s romantic relationship.

‘The fact that Effie and Brayden are keeping this secret from Tariq… that is just a bomb waiting to detonate,” Mahoney tells us.

Speculations and Reactions from Fans

Press PLAY on the video above to hear the premiere breakdown, then hit the comments: Did you know Lauren was alive? And given the events of Episode 1, we’ve got an idea about who Sullivan’s confidential informant is, but let’s hear your guesses!



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