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Pope Francis Hospitalized After Complaints of Breathing Difficulties



Pope Francis has been taken to a Rome hospital due to breathing difficulties. Following the Vatican’s statement that the visit was a routine check-up, a second statement by Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni confirmed that the Pope has a respiratory infection, although COVID-19 was ruled out. Bruni stated that Francis will remain hospitalized for a few days.

Pope Francis Suffers Respiratory Infection

Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni’s second statement confirmed that the Pope is suffering from a respiratory infection. This is despite the Vatican’s initial claim that the Pope’s visit was for a routine check-up. COVID-19 has been ruled out.

Pope Francis to Remain Hospitalized for a Few Days

Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni has stated that Pope Francis will remain hospitalized for a few days to receive treatment for his respiratory infection.

Pope Francis Has a History of Health Issues

Due to his history of health issues, Pope Francis’s hospitalization is causing concern. The Pope has diverticulitis, an infection or inflammation of the colon. In 2021, he underwent surgery to remove part of his colon. Earlier this year, he stated that the condition had returned, but he was not overly concerned.

Pope Francis’s Scheduled Events This Weekend

Pope Francis’s hospitalization comes ahead of Palm Sunday Mass, which marks the start of numerous religious ceremonies that lead up to Easter Sunday on April 9th. It is unclear whether the Pope’s condition will affect his scheduled events.

Pope Francis’s Recent Travels

Pope Francis has recently visited the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan in February. It was his first papal visit to the DRC since 1985 and the first by a Pope since South Sudan gained independence in 2011. It is unknown if his travels contributed to his current health condition.