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Politics-focused teams performed worse at World Cup, Wenger says



Head of Global Football Development

Speaking in his capacity as FIFA‘s Head of Global Football Development, Arsene Wenger hinted that teams that made political statements early in the World Cup saw their performance on the pitch suffer as a result.

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FIFA Technical Study Group

The comments came at a FIFA Technical Study Group press conference, in which Wenger and Jurgen Klinsmann shared the group’s conclusions from the group stage.

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In response to a question about the impact of the truncated preparation period leading up to the tournament, Klinsmann spoke about the importance of being able to adapt “physically and mentally” to the challenges of playing during a break in the European season and in between. East.

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World Cup

“If you struggled to adjust, to come here and for whatever reason, especially mentally, you couldn’t adjust to everything you find here and how dynamic this World Cup is, you’re going to struggle,” Klinsmann said. “And you’ll get a negative surprise like we saw with Germany, we saw with Denmark and other teams.”

Those comments prompted Wenger to intervene.

World Cup

“I would just add that the teams that didn’t disappoint with their performance in the first game, because when you go to the World Cup, you know you shouldn’t lose the first game, are the teams that have experience,” Wenger said. “They have results in previous tournaments like France, England, Brazil.”

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