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Police Arrest Suspected Syndicate Behind BVAS Manipulation



The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Police Command has recently made a number of arrests in an operation targeting a syndicate believed to be involved in manipulating the Bimodal Voters Accreditation System (BVAS).

The sting operation in question took place on Ghandji Street in the Maitama area of the FCT, and the arrested suspects are now being held in custody while the police investigate the allegations of illegal possession and manipulation of the BVAS.

It is understood that one of the suspects detained is the Vice President of Emperor Technology, a company who are helping with the police investigation.

Arise TV reported on the story, with their sources suggesting that the suspects had been apprehended and would remain in custody until all investigations had been completed.

The nature of the alleged crime as well as the involvement of the Police Force serves as a warning to anyone looking to conduct a similar offence or illegally tamper with the BVAS voting system.

Police have a clear message for anyone looking to commit such a crime: those found to be in violation of the law will face punishment accordingly.

It is not known the extent of penalties the arrested suspects will face, or whether additional arrests will be made in connection with the case, but police are continuing with their investigation for further information regarding the syndicate.