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Pay Extra Attention When Backing Out of a Parking Stall



When backing out of a parking stall, drivers must take additional caution to follow the Motor Vehicle Act, which requires them to make sure the movement can be performed safely.

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In some cases, courts have found that a driver backing up is 100% at fault for any accidents that occur.

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In order to help prevent a collision, drivers should aim to back out of the parking slat in one straight line, and should circle check their vehicle before entering the space.

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Furthermore, drivers are recommended to get directions from a passenger, back up slowly and install a backup alarm.

Additionally, many newer cars come with a backup camera and warning system, helping drivers make sure no one is behind them.

As these systems are just for assistance, drivers should still take extra care to scan their surroundings and should not rely solely on such technology.

Ultimately, drivers should remember that when it comes to backing out of a parking stall, they should take extra precaution in order to ensure they can do so safely.



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