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•What His Wife & Kids Will Miss About Him

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On Friday 25th November 22, the remains of Mr. Olusegun Adekunle Adeniyi were buried in Ibadan after a church service at The Cathedral of St. Peter, Aremo, in Ibadan. Olusegun Adekunle Adeniyi, was born in Ibadan on July 9, 1955, to the family of Pa Joseph Adejumo Adeniyi and Mrs. Florence Ebunoluwa Adeniyi (both of blessed memory). Privileged to be the child of a teacher, Adekunle started going to school with his mum at a very tender age. In 1961, he registered fully at St. Peter’s Anglican Primary School, Aremo, Ibadan. Upon completion of his primary education, he was admitted to the prestigious Olivet Baptist High School Olivet Heights, Oyo, where he completed his secondary education. At Olivet Heights, he was actively involved in sports and extra-curricular activities, as he later became the School Hockey Captain. It was also at Olivet he was baptized with his famous nickname “Ako.” He embarked on his university education at Nigeria’s foremost University of Ibadan, Ibadan, where he graduated in 1974 with the B.Sc., Geography.             

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Adekunle cut his teeth in the labour world when he was employed in Lagos, by one of America’s oldest accounting firms, Coopers and Lybrand, as a graduate trainee accountant/ auditor. After a few years at C & L, he was fortuitous to be employed by the famous Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), an international

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Pakistani Bank, founded in 1972. Soon after he settled down at BCCI, he and four other young men who were employed by the bank about the same time were sent on a 6-month training progarmme at the BCCI Global Banking Academy, Karachi, Pakistan, in November, 1979. At the end of the programme, Adekunle emerged as the best trainee in a class of 30 students.

Adekunle’s sojourn at BCCI was quite remarkable as he took the banking world like a storm. By age 25, he was already a full-fledged Manager at BCC! He was renowned as an elite banker par excellence who provided top notch services in banking operations and management. With his industry and those of his contemporaries at that time, BCCI soon became one of Nigeria’s most celebrated banks of that era.            

Adekunle retired from banking years later and relocated to the United Kingdom where he sojourned for some years and later returned to settle down finally in Nigeria in 2010. Ever since, he had quietly engaged in business until his death.

Adekunle lived an admirably balanced life. He was not only socially prominent, he was equally very active in the Anglican Communion, just as his forebears. He was inducted as a member of the F’s Club, Lagos, in 1983, where he later served both as Vice President and President respectively. He was also an alumnus of the Olivet Baptist High School, Oyo, Old Students’ Association (1967-1971 Set), where he served as the current President until his passing. He was a member of the St. Jude’s Anglican Church, Omole Phase I, Ikeja, Lagos, where he served creditably until his demise, as a member of the Guild of Stewards. He was also a member of the Fountain of Hope Society of St. Jude’s Anglican Church, where he played advisory roles. He was renowned for his dedication, devotion and commitment to the service of God, his promptness, humility and his love for humanity.

Adekunle was a beacon of light and a reference point in the family. He always radiated the attributes of a true “Omoluabi.” He trained his children in the true values of hard work, discipline, contentment, humility, integrity and kindness. He earned the trust and confidence of friends and associates. He had fought the good fight. He had finished his race. He had kept the faith. Now awaiting him is his deserved crown of righteousness.

Adekunle is survived by his wife, Asabi; his children, Adedolapo, Adebola, Adeboye, Adedeji, Oluwademilade, Precious; grand-children, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and in-laws.


It was on a new Year’s Eve I prayed to God fervently for the blessing of a partner who would be my heart-throb; he would be my best friend, my partner and so much more. Like a dream, my life was turned around a few days later on that blessed month of January 2012 when you walked right into my life. It was at an event where we both met for the very first time. You saw me across a few tables from a far off and tried to catch my gaze but I pretended not to notice you although I was unsure if you were actually looking at me through your dark glasses or looking at someone else. The awkward moment was shortly outlived when you quickly took the opportunity of being introduced to me by a mutual friend, we both knew. Not even the Ebola lockdown that followed immediately afterwards could stop this ble sign we had both received by meeting each other, as we spent each day on the phone like two teenagers talking for long hours. They were long but precious hours that soon developed into the most blissful 10 years of my life.

We had found ourselves to be compatible in so many ways. We loved the same things,loved to hang out with friends and family, travelled and had the best times of our lives together. You were my gist partner and confidant. You were such a great storyteller and there was never a dull moment with you. Your eye for details made you my greatest critique, business adviser and marketer as an event planner. You extended your love not just to me but my entire family and all that was mine. You played a most significant role as a father to our lovely, Precious Oluwabusayo. I will forever remain grateful to you for not just being there physically but for always being so very present in our lives.

You made every milestone a celebration that needed to be acknowledged and worth celebrating. Your prestigious demeanor never stopped you from being so humble and gracious all at the same time, as you related with everyone both great or small, with modesty and respect. You were an absolute gentleman and admirable in every way.

I remember with smiles; how big you were on fashion and your love for ‘agbada’ with long sleeved ‘buba and sokoto’ along with some very tasteful looking cufflinks. I also remember how excited you would get whenever you got to wear your ‘danshiki’ to special occasions that had to do with your friends or the Fs Club. Your love for the colour blue was on another level. I always observed with keen

interest, your remarkable commitment to your friends as they hailed you, whenever you made your ever so grand entrance into any event. “AKO … AKO … AKO … “ you would hear them calling out from every comer.

You also had a love for good food and for people but that did not stop you from being the very reserved person that you actually also were. You were nicely balanced out… never excessive on anything. You had a lot of respect not just for people but also for yourself. For you, age was never a barrier. You made new friendships and held conversations of any sort with even younger persons. The internet was never far from you as you typically would research anything and everything down to its very last detail. You backed me up, stood as a pillar for me in every situation and always wanted all that was best for me.

How I would miss our little ‘gists’ in the kitchen whenever you got home and would come calling out

“Ashbee”, from the corridors as you made your way to the kitchen to take your seat and download the events of your day to me while I cooked. Your beautiful conscience did not allow you to hold grudges and this always led you to cracking one joke or the other whenever you tried to get me back into gist mode after any “heated fellowship” (laughing to myself).

Sweetheart, we planned to do so much together. We planned to travel all around the world before death snatched you away from me. However, I cannot over emphasise how-proud I am of you on how you gave so much more of yourself in reverent worship of God during your last days with us here on earth. It serves as a great consolation for me, to know you are resting in God’s bosom without the slightest discomfort, pain or suffering. Your last words to me still ring in my ears and echo in my heart; they were your familiar words of affirmation and reassurance telling me that I will be fine…everything wiIl be fine.

Your LovingWife-AshBee


Gone too soon.

Tribute to our father.

He was a remarkable man like no other. Although we knew him as a man of few words he had a personality that could fill a room, he surely will be missed. It is hard not to reflect on the lessons from a life well lived. He taught us above all, the benefits and value of a close knit and supportive family. He also taught us the importance of the little things. Those small gestures that can mean so much. The right word at the right time, and the importance of showing up at the moments that matter the most.

He was a man who was highly thought of by his friends and family and we feel grateful to have known

him. Although “one from our Sight he will never be from our hearts. May our souls rest in peace.

–Dolapo, Debola & Deboye


My Dear Father

October 7th 2022 is a day T will never forget in my life. At 8.38am I got the crushing phone call that you

had departed this world. The following weeks since your passing have been emotionally turbulent, I try to remain strong by remembering your jovial and cheerful spirit but fall deep into sadness when I realise you’re gone forever. But even in my sadness I have to remember thus is God’s will.

Dad, you remained cheerful and joyful till the very end. I will forever miss our conversations, your stories and the invaluable advice and teachings I received from you throughout my life. You were loved by man) and this is evident as your brothers, your many friends and acquaintances have inundated me with stories of the life, achievements and adventures of “Ako” as you were fondly called by those who were close to you.

Despite the things you achieved in your life you were never a proud or arrogant man. You taught me and Demilade the importance of humility and hard work. Yours is a tough act to follow, at a young age you already had a much. It is so painful to realize that I no longer have you to call on for ad, ice, wisdom, love. There is so much I wanted to tell you, so much I wanted us to experience but I guess I will have to wait until we see again.

I love and miss you Dad. I hope you will watch over us and guide me and Demilade as you rest in the Lord bosom. r will cherish every second that we spent together, I am at least grateful that I was able to see you a few weeks before you left us. I will remember all the wonderful times we spent together and you can rest well knowing you left a proud legacy that I will do my utmost best to follow. Till we see again Dad

Your beloved son, Adedeji


My Father-was one of the most important influences in my . fe. Right from when I was little, he always

taught me important values such as hard work and respect. Everyone who knew him, including his friends and brothers and the rest of my extended family always knew him as a kind and devoted man

who gave everything for those that he cared about.

His passing is a terrible loss, but all of our family can be happy and proud of the fife that he lived. He

travelled to many places and got to experience so much and we were always so fond of the stories he

had to tell Even after he got sick, he never allowed himself to fall into depression or de pair. He was his happy and cheerful self to the very end, and for that we are all so grateful.

You would find it difficult to find anybody who had anything negative to say about Olusegun Adeniyi. His large network of friends and associates is testament to the influence that he had and the impact that he left behind in this world. We can be rest assured that his legacy is secure and that he will be remembered fondly by all who had the pleasure of knowing him, and he will be remembered for many more years in the future. I can say now, that me, my brother, my mother, all our uncles, nieces and the rest of the family will keep his memory alive and he will always be in our hearts.

I have so many fond memories of me and my father. Memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. The moments that I had with him, especially when it was he, my brother and I together are some of the happiest moments of my childhood and of my life. The moments we spent together as a family were special and will never be forgotten.

From myself, Demilade and my brother and my mother, we would like to extend our gratitude to everyone who has supported us in what has been a very difficult period for my family. It has been emotional to see just how much he meant to so many people, and while this does not ease the pain of his passing, it has made it much easier for us to deal with as a family.

In closing, I want to say that I hope that my fathers soul is at peace, and I know that someday we will all meet again. I love you Dad and I miss you dearly,

–Your Don Demilade


You were a dad who was so special and who was loved so very much and brought plenty of happiness to the many hearts you touched. You were very kind, caring and so understanding too. If help was so needed it so freely corne from you. You were a gift to all the world and brought joy to everyone. And life has never been the same ever since you have gone. Miss you greatly. Rest in the bosom of Almighty God.

Your daughter

Precious Oluwabusayo

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