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Odumodublvck: The New Face of African Hip-Hop



A Breath of Fresh Air

Hard-hitting bars. Port Harcourt-flavoured Pidgin lingo. And unique vocal inflections. These are a few of the offerings that make the Abuja-based rapper Odumodublvck (pronounced Odumodublack) stand out as a breath of fresh air in Africa’s Hip-Hop scene.

A Melting Pot of Influences

Bred in Lagos and Abuja, Odumodublvck is an Afro-drill rapper, melding influences from Hip Hop, RnB, and indigenous melodies, to create a sonic style he calls ‘Okporoko Music’.

A Fusion of Genres

Odumodublvck’s music is a fusion of genres that showcases his versatility as an artist. On tracks like “Bumbolo” and “Energy,” he employs heavily drill-influenced beats to deliver his hard-hitting bars. On “Cloud 9,” he slows it down, adopting a smoother flow that is reminiscent of RnB. And on “Ojoro,” he goes back to his roots, using traditional African rhythms to create a melodic sound that celebrates his heritage.

A Storyteller at Heart

Beyond his musical abilities, Odumodublvck is a storyteller at heart. Tracks like “Tough Love” and “Mallam No Dey Sell Shomo” showcase his ability to weave engaging narratives that are both relatable and inspiring. His lyrics touch on the realities of life in Nigeria, and highlight the resilience and determination of its people.

A Rising Star

Odumodublvck’s rise to prominence has been meteoric, with his music receiving critical acclaim from fans and critics alike. He has performed at some of Nigeria’s biggest musical festivals, including Afro Nation and Gidi Fest, and has been featured on some of the country’s biggest radio stations, like Beat FM and Cool FM. With more than a million streams on Spotify and a growing fan base, Odumodublvck is quickly cementing his status as one of the most exciting voices in African Hip-Hop.

A Beacon of Hope

In a world where the youth in Africa face countless challenges, from unemployment and poverty to political instability and insecurity, artists like Odumodublvck serve as a beacon of hope. Through his music, he inspires his listeners to push through adversity and pursue their dreams. With his unique style and powerful message, Odumodublvck is a rising star who is poised to take the African music scene by storm.



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