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NLC begs Buhari to sign Electoral Act Bill, says ‘its time to Strengthen Democracy in Nigeria’



NLC begs Buhari to sign Electoral Act Bill, says ‘its time to Strengthen Democracy in Nigeria’

The Nigerian Labor Congress, NLC, has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to sign the 2021 Election Law Amendment Bill.

NLC President Ayuba Wabba said this in a statement titled: “It is time to strengthen democracy in Nigeria” on Monday in Abuja.

Wabba recalled that on November 9, the House of Representatives and the Senate approved amendments to the Electoral Law.

He said the most topical points of the amendment include the adoption of direct primaries for contenders from domestic political parties.

Mr. Wabba said the other was adapting the use of technology in the conduct of general elections in Nigeria.

He said it was necessary to expand the powers of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, to develop the guidelines it deems appropriate to guide the deployment of technology during elections in Nigeria.

The NLC president noted that a majority of Nigerians had described the 2021 amendments to the Election Law as one of the most progressive enactments Nigeria has had in a long time.

“This is also the opinion of the NLC. Congressional leadership commends the House of Representatives and Senate, in particular, for leadership.

“Also those who stood firm behind the proposal for direct primaries for all political parties and gathered their colleagues in the House and Senate to pass the bill.

“This is the test of committed leadership and true political skill. However, Congress must warn that the approval of the 2021 amendment to the Electoral Law is only a journey and not a destination.

“Certainly much more needs to be done to completely clean up Nigeria’s challenged electoral system, especially on the basis of the electoral reforms from 2007 to 2011 in which the NLC was actively involved.

“First is to address the threat of the paternal god, the ‘maternal god’ and monetary policy, which were the main concerns that the new law on direct primaries required for all political parties.

Due diligence and oversight must be applied to ensure that unscrupulous politicians who have been cultivated for vote buying and monetizing Nigeria’s electoral process cannot extend their customary criminal subversion of our democracy during party primaries. politicians, ”he said.

Mr. Wabba said this was to further safeguard the right of Nigerians to freely elect their leaders both at the political party level and during general elections without being subject to the obscene pressure of the financial lure.

“We recommend that the National Assembly quickly consider drafting a bill for the establishment of the Electoral Crimes Commission.”

He said this would speed up the prosecution of politicians and their agents who indulge in voting for cash, electoral manipulation and violence.

”On the full incorporation of the use of technology into our electoral law, we urge all stakeholders, especially INEC, to continue to constructively engage the Nigerian people to ensure that the lessons from the recent and remote deployment of technology during the elections do not they lost.

“In particular, we call for confidence-building measures on the part of INEC, particularly through education and voter awareness.

“It is also important that the security of the software and hardware components of the technology that will be deployed for the elections is thoroughly scrutinized and reviewed by all stakeholders.

“This is to guard against major failures and to facilitate public ownership.

“By returning internal party democracy to the people through direct primaries, it seemed that democracy in Nigeria was about to live in its truest and fullest sense,” Wabba said.


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