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Nigerians in South Africa flay extra-judicial killing of compatriots



Nigeria Union South Africa

The Nigerian community, under the aegis of the Nigeria Union South Africa (NUSA), reiterated its call on Saturday for the governments of South Africa and Nigeria to stop extrajudicial executions in that country.

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Collins Mgbo

According to a statement from Pretoria by Mr. Collins Mgbo, President of NUSA, two Nigerians were killed on Friday 11 February 2022 when South Africans targeted foreign nationals for drugs.

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South Africans

“Following the murder of two Nigerians when South Africans attacked foreign nationals on Friday, we are calling on the governments of both countries to stop extrajudicial killings in South Africa.

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“Two of our members were killed in Vereeniging, near Johannesburg, by community members at a taxi stand; people had alleged that the foreigners were involved in drug trafficking.

Nigeria Union

“Nigeria Union unequivocally condemns any form of criminal activity by Nigerians in South Africa, but calls on governments, especially the Nigerian Consul General in South Africa, to intervene in the matter.

“We do not condone crime, but the court of law must do justice if someone is found guilty of any criminal act,” Mgbo said.

Vaal Triangle

He noted that, for many, Vereeniging had become one of the most dangerous and unsafe places in the Vaal Triangle, as it has become notorious for drug dealing and robberies.

He said that for years, the community’s outcry had fallen on deaf ears about foreigners flooding the area selling drugs.

“Yesterday, Vereeniging came to a standstill when taxi drivers shut down Voortrekker and allegedly took matters into their own hands, attacking foreign nationals believed to be drug dealers and beating two of them to death.”

Nombulelo Mohlakwana

Mgbo revealed that when the union contacted police personnel, Sgt. Nombulelo Mohlakwana, the latter confirmed the two deaths.

“When the police officers arrived at the Vereeniging taxi stand, we found a Nigerian citizen dead and two men seriously assaulted. The two were taken to Kopanong hospital, where one of them later died.

“We have no proof that it was the taxi drivers who did that, but it happened at the Vereeniging taxi stand,” Mohlakwana quoted Mohlakwana as saying.

He added that the police officer informed the union that the police were investigating the case and urged anyone with relevant information to contact the police.

South African

Mgbo also said that in a related development, also on Friday, a Nigerian national, identified as Nicholas, was attacked by a South African gang for allegedly buying a stolen laptop.

South African

He was beaten up along with his friends who believed him to be an accomplice, while the South African criminal who stole the laptop and sold it to Nicholas escaped unharmed.

Intensive Care Unit

The NUSA president said Nicholas was now fighting for his life in the Intensive Care Unit at Kimberly Hospital.

South African

He explained that Nicholas had bought a stolen laptop from another South African, so the owner of the laptop stopped the South African who stole the laptop and brought him to the Nigerian who bought it.

The Nigerian who bought it had apparently sold it to another Nigerian. They asked him to call the Nigerian he sold it to and he did, but when he arrived he told them he no longer had the laptop but agreed to pay for it.

The owner of the laptop agreed, but the owner came with a group that wanted to steal his phones and he refused, and that’s when they beat him into a coma, where he was left for dead.

However, he said other Nigerians who were at the scene called an ambulance which took him to hospital, adding that the hospital doctor told them his brain was damaged and he might not survive.

Abdulmalik Ahmed

In a separate interview, Abdulmalik Ahmed, the Nigerian Consul General in South Africa, confirmed the incident.

“A Nigerian man died after being harassed at the taxi stand for receiving a stolen mobile phone.

South African

“One of his other two South African accomplices also succumbed to his injuries. The police are aware of the matter,” Ahmed said.

Source Credit: TheGuardian

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