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Nigerian schools are left out of the World School Basketball Championship



The country’s remaining hope in the ongoing World School Basketball Championship taking place in Serbia, Bishop Dimieari High School (BDGS), Ovom, over the weekend, was left out of the competition.

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Bishop Dimeari Grammar School (the boys’ team) lost their last group game to Turkey by 52 points to 83, but progressed to the quarterfinal stage, while St. Jude’s Girls Secondary School, who soundly defeated Chile 68- 28, did not make it to the next stage.


The boys faced Brazil in their quarterfinal match, but lost 49-72 (11-12, 14-22, 8-20, 16-18) in straight sets; joining the girls, who did not reach the quarterfinals on technicalities.


Despite defeating Chile in their last group match and racking up two wins and one loss, just like Bulgaria and Turkey, the two European countries advanced, while the Bayelsa girls finished third in the group on technicalities.

At the end of the three group stage matches, Bulgaria had 174 points, conceding 143 with a point average (the equivalent of goal difference in football) of 31; Turkey had 166 points, conceded 130 and ended up having a point average of 36, while Nigeria had a point average of 35 after scoring 157 and conceding 122 points.

Usually Turkey averaging 36 points and Nigeria averaging 35 points should have progressed, but from what happened in Serbia Bulgaria averaging 31 points came out on top and Turkey followed, leaving out to the Nigerians.

Even with the lowest point average of 31, Bulgaria scored the highest points (174) and came out on top, while Turkey, with 166 points, came in second and Nigeria, with 157 points (but supposedly second best).

point average) was awarded third.

Nigerian officials protested against the expulsion of the women’s team from group D, but to no avail as the girls had to play a qualifying match to determine their ranking among the participating teams.

They lost the match to Serbia, 115-20.

Both teams would go home without a medal.

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