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New Islamic Development Bank Institute (IsDBI) Book Enriches Knowledge on Fatāwa Related to Leasing Contracts



 New Islamic Development Bank Institute IsDBI Book Enriches Knowledge on Fat wa Related to Leasing Contracts
New Islamic Development Bank Institute (IsDBI) Book Enriches Knowledge on Fatāwa Related to Leasing Contracts

1 The Islamic Development Bank Institute (IsDBI) has published a new book on the rulings of Islamic jurisprudence related to leases, as part of a series of contemporary financial fatawas in light of the rulings of the International Academy of Fiqh ( IIFA).

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breaking new

3 Published in the Arabic language under the title ‘Fatāwa Al-Ijārah Wal Ijārah Muntahiya Bittamleek’, the author of the book is Dr. Rahal Ismail Beladil, Senior Shariah Specialist at IsDBI.

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4 The book is a collection of all IIFA resolutions on leasing, with the resolutions sorted, classified and explained along with supporting evidence. It is published in two volumes: the first volume deals with the fatawa of the operating lease, and the second covers the fatawa of the leased property.

5 The scope of the book is limited to the leasing of the provision of movable things and the leasing of property and real estate.

6 The book also consists of a host of other rulings and fatawas to help readers understand the subject of leasing and leasing ending ownership in contemporary financial transactions.

7 Commenting on the book launch, Dr. Sami Al-Suwailem, Acting Director General of the IsDB Institute and Chief Economist of the IsDB Group, said: “This is a very important work in which the author aims to help readers. to gain access to the treasure of specialized decisions and fatawa on leasing. The book is written in a simple and structured way in order to widen the circle of readers to whom it is addressed. ”

8 The author of the book, Dr. Rahal Ismail Beladel, said: “This publication and the previous books in the series provide a unique methodical service consisting of the decisions of the International Academy of Islamic Fiqh, which is considered the foremost fatwa authority in the world. The book enriches the knowledge in the field of Islamic banking and financial transaction jurisprudence.”

9 The series was first introduced in 2016 with the publication of the first book titled ‘Fatāwa Al-Musharakat’, followed by ‘Fatāwa Al-Mudarabah’ in 2018.

10 Each book in the series covers a number of contemporary financial transactions and presents the IIFA’s decisions in an orderly manner, as well as explaining them with references and adding the relevant decisions and fatawas issued by other credible fatwa-issuing institutions. The book can be purchased on the IsDB Institute website ( and read on the IsDBI Reader app available on both the Apple Store ( and the Google Play Store (


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