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NASS lauds Nigerian Army’s transparency in recruitment



NASS lauds Nigerian Army’s transparency in recruitment

By Sumaila Ogbaje

The Chairman of the House Army Committee, Mr. Abdulrazak Namdas, commended the Nigerian military for the transparency and fairness in the recent recruitment carried out at its training area in Falgore, Kano State .

Namdas praised him when he led the committee members to the army headquarters during a check-up visit to Abuja on Thursday.

Namdas said the House committee recently formed a recruitment subcommittee to look into complaints from some of their constituents about the recruiting process with a view to verifying the allegations.

He said the subcommittee traveled to Falgore in Kano State, where the screening exercise took place, stating “we are pleased to hear that the Nigerian military has made available from the committee the necessary information required.

“We went to Falgore and saw all the processes for ourselves and reported that there was transparency and fairness in the recruiting exercise.

“However, we were made to understand that more infrastructure was needed in Falgore, to which the Kano State government had indeed contributed and the military began to work on the communications network in the region.

“We are also aware that another recruiting exercise is imminent and we implore you to continue to ensure transparency and fairness.

“We will always be here to see things for ourselves, but we are happy that things are going as planned,” he said.

Namdas said the visit was part of the committee’s oversight responsibility to ensure the military’s spending needs were properly determined and appropriate.

He said President Muhammadu Buhari had paid the most attention to defense and security, adding that the sector held most of the recently presented 2022 budget with more than 2,000 billion naira.

According to him, it is with this in mind that the committee decided to come down to see the value for money and what the Nigerian army was able to do with the resources that had been made available and what it will need again. .

“We have been following the activities of the Army Chief of Staff as a committee and we have realized that you have made tremendous progress.

“Achievements have been recorded in the short period of your taking office and of course we are also aware that there are challenges as an institution.

“This is why we will be asked to come down and see the challenges, the improvements and the achievements that have been made so that when we prepare the 2022 budget, we can prioritize what you need,” he said. declared.

The chairman of the committee congratulated the army chief on the start of a new exercise in different parts of the country to reduce security threats ahead of the year-end festivities.

He said training exercises that would snowball into real-time operations were necessary to keep troops fit and ready to perform nationwide security duties.

Namdas, however, urged military authorities to ensure troops operate under acceptable procedures devoid of human rights violations.

He also praised the army chief for proactively responding to the recent case of an assault on a youth corps member by a female officer in Calabar, saying parliament was satisfied with the measures taken against the officer.

Namdas also expressed the readiness of the National Assembly to support the Nigerian army in the implementation of its plan to have an aviation unit.

In response, the Army Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General. Faruk Yahaya, commended the committee for its continued support in ensuring that the Nigerian military fulfills its constitutional mandate.

Yahaya said that the visit of NASS members to the scene would help them see things on the ground and prompt them to undertake site visits for a good understanding of how the Nigerian military works.

He said the establishment of the Army Aviation was crucial for the Army’s operations, adding that it would continue to leverage NASS support to update it.

According to him, there is an air force but the army’s aviation is an integral part of its operations, because it is common to all the armies of the world.

He assured the committee that the troops would continue to respect human rights, the code of conduct and the rules of engagement in its various internal security operations across the country.

“We will respect the rights of all law-abiding citizens and when it comes to criminals, terrorists, bandits, we will speak to them in the language they understand because we are not looking for prisoners when we go there,” a he declared.

Source: NAN

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