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Namibia to step up fight against wildlife crime over the festive season



Romeo Muyunda

Namibia will step up efforts against wildlife crime in the country during the festive season this year, an official said on Saturday.

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Romeo Muyunda, a spokesman for the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism (MEFT), said Namibia has observed that in the past poachers took advantage of the festive season to engage in criminal poaching of rhinos, pangolins, elephants and other species.

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Muyunda said that while Namibia continues to record successes in combating wildlife crime, poaching of high-value species remains a concern.

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“In 2022 to date, Namibia recorded 63 poached rhinos, which includes 15 in custodial farms, 22 in private farms and 26 in Etosha National Park,” Muyunda said.

Interventions have been implemented across the country under the leadership of the MEFT to combat wildlife crime. ■


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