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Namibia Rugby Union signs 19 players ahead of busy season



Contracts and sponsorship deal

The Namibia Rugby Union has announced it has signed contracts with 19 players as it embarks on a busy season, which includes the Mzansi Challenge, the Africa Cup and the Rugby World Cup. The sponsor, Namibia Breweries, made a contribution toward the contracts, according to NRU Chief Executive John Heynes. Among the players included are current captain Prince !Gaoseb, Max Katjijeko, Danco Burger, Wicus Jacobs, Johan Luttig, Jason Benade, Andre van der Berg, Justin Newman, Aurelio Plato, Lloyd Jacobs, Thomasau Forbes and Mahepisa Tjeriko.

Contracts in detail

Heynes said there will be more contracts to come and that the contracts are confidential. Five contractual categories have been created, with players moving up and down according to their performances. Contracts have different time periods; some run from January to June while some run from February to September. The entire season runs from January to September. The contracts were individually tailored for each player.

Coach appreciates the support

The contribution of Namibia Breweries was praised by Allister Coetzee, the national coach. “This contribution is a step in the right direction and assists players who previously had to spend out of their own pocket on expenses like accommodation and travelling to attend training and represent the team,” said Coetzee.

Prince !Gaoseb pleased with promise of stronger domestic league

Current captain for the Windhoek Draught Welwitschias, Prince !Gaoseb, stated that the contracts will help to strengthen the domestic league. “It’s always good to be home and playing for your country is always an honour and a pleasure. We are trying to keep the players at home so that we can strengthen our domestic league,” he said.

Sponsorship deal coverage

The NRU’s Keulder said: “It is fantastic that the NRU is in a position to offer contracts to their players. This proves that they are moving in the right direction where rugby is becoming an aspirational and premium sport for many Namibians and that ties in very closely with why Windhoek Draught is the main union partner.”



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