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Momale urges states to provide funding, technology to tackle insecurity



Saleh Momale

Mr Saleh Momale, Executive Vice Chairman, Kaduna State Peace Commission, has urged state governments to provide sufficient funding, technology and human capital to end the insecurity bedevilling the country.

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Momale made the appeal during a press conference on Tuesday in Kaduna.

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He said that the intervention would enhance the collective efforts of security agencies and other Nigerians to end the security threats.

today's nigerian newspapers

“While noting that the difficulties associated with controlling the nefarious activities of armed groups.

“it is pertinent to call on the Nigerian states to devote sufficient financial resources, technology and human capital to bring these activities to an end.

“In this pursuit, gaining the confidence and cooperation of law abiding Nigerians is critical.

“And this will be achieved if the Nigerian security agencies mobilize the citizenry for effective participation,” he added.

He said that the commission was ready to avail the military of its experience and expertise to mobilise citizens to support the ongoing military operations, so as to quickly end violent crimes in the country.

Early Warning Response System

The executive vice chairman said the commission had trained communities on Early Warning Response System, so as to identify potential threats to peace.

Momale said that the communities were encouraged to quickly report such threats to security agencies and use dialogue tools to settle some of the threats amicably.

He also spoke on the ongoing dialogue and peace processes in some parts of Kaduna state bedevilled by crisis.

Zikpak and Nikyob Chiefdoms

“The commission is optimistic that the ongoing dialogue and peace processes in Atyap, Chawai, Piriga, Kumana, Afan-Takad, Zikpak and Nikyob Chiefdoms will soon restore these areas to the path of sustainable peace,” Momale said.

The executive vice chairman appealed to Nigerians to ensure that the processes for the forthcoming general elections and national census were free and devoid of intimidation and violence.

Momale also implored the people to remain peaceful and adopt non violent mechanisms to resolve all disputes.



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