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Mississippi Bans Gender-Affirming Care for Minors



Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves recently signed a bill into law banning gender-affirming care for minors less than 18 years of age.

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This is part of a greater effort amongst conservative states to restrict services for transgender individuals, including participation in gender-affirming activities and sporting events.

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The measure took effect immediately following its passing and denotes a major milestone in the U.S, as it is the highest number of bills targeting transgender people within a single year, according to the Human Rights Campaign.

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Rob Hill, Mississippi State Director of the Human Rights Campaign, condemned the legislation, stating that it would lead to further demonization and alienation of transgender kids who are particularly vulnerable.

The bill’s passing comes only two weeks after transgender teenagers and their supporters held a protest in opposition of the law.

Furthermore, similar attempts to restrict gender-affirming care have been unsuccessful in other states due to court orders being passed.

Tate Reeves is currently running for reelection and affirmed his commitment to traditional family values when signing the ban.

However, the Human Rights Campaign still maintain that this is an act of discrimination and political pandering interfering with people’s rights as parents.

The bill has now been enacted and will remain law unless overturned by higher courts.



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